Welcome to another episode of the Friday Vape Club.

In this instalment we take a closer look at the Drag Nano Pod Kit.

The Drag Nano Pod Kit is a 750mah battery that has a 1.8 ohm coil and also has the Gene chip inside. The pod only holds 1ml of eliquid and has a patented liquid filling system. This device is modeled off the original Voopoo Drag with the 1 resin panel.

Sit back, relax and I hope you enjoy this review of the Drag Nano Pod Kit.

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11 thoughts on “Drag Nano Pod Kit Review

  1. It looks like a Zippo lighter. 1 ml of juice, wholly shit – I'd be filling constantly! And charging too. Maybe the bigger one would suit me better? I had a Breeze as my 1st mod – and hated always filling and always charging. Thanks for a fun review. 😊

  2. great review mate ,,dont mind the drag nano pod kit if it helps someone get of the stinkys cigs ,i think this yrs will be the pod yrs for vaping

  3. For the douches like me, why wouldn't they include a lanyard?

    Where would one go to get a Voopoo lanyard?

    I bought the SMOK Mico for my C*D vape juice that is (legal where I live.) This seems like it's going to be an upgrade and it's handy to keep under my shirt and around my neck when I'm doing things outdoors like catching snapping turtles or even looking for arrowheads from Native Americans in land around where I live. I've never worn it outside my clothing because I would feel like a dumb*** but concealed and hands free. Much different to me but we're entitled to our own opinions and I respect your outlook. Just share only about 50% with you on that.

    I appreciate the review.


  4. Hate that pod, so fuckn small
    1ml is a joke…
    I thought for a second u got the fan kit…lol
    Keep up the reviews, awesome

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