This video is about our first beta HCG result after our first natural IVF. Pregnancy test through blood test- beta hcg.

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Camera I used 📸 my camera phone 📱 Huawei mate 20

source: https://fumceunice.org

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22 thoughts on “Beta HCG result after our first Natural IVF

  1. Hi Sis, thank you for sharing this. You had ur first hcg test april 10, that was my xfer day, got positve on my first beta, sadly my hcg didnt go up on my 2nd beta test, really frustrating, hirap iabsorb after hearing it that my hcg drop..pero like you.. need to contemplate lang and feel better and get moving forward.. shout out to all sisters out there who are hoping for success on ivf. We can do this!! We just have to be positive and listen to our body’s needs. For sure God will make if happen. We just have to believe. 🙂😇😇

  2. Hi sis welyn mores your my inspiration, since ive watched your vlogs, ive decided to go kato as well, thank you so much sis😘😘😘❤️❤️LETS EAT PINEAPPLE🍍🍍🍍

  3. You have a very good positive attitude. I did 3 natural ivf cycles and I am now 13 weeks pregnant. But we did ICSI and PGS testing since I am older. But I firmly believe the natural cycles create better quality embryos. You will find success soon I feel! Also, if you are going to transfer fresh embryos, I highly recommend even number cells. Like 4 cells or 2 cells vs 3cells. I think even numbers are better quality.

  4. I hope they will still consider the blastocyst stage. At least malalaman kung ung quality ng embyo kung dapat ba ilagay or not.
    I just had my fresh transfer – (5days), last feb.
    And Everything’s went well.
    Sending my prayers to you and your husband Good luck 🙏🙏🙏

  5. I totally understand. Hoping the next time will be a good success. i'm going to follow this journey of yours, and will be praying that all will be well for both of you and your husband. Hope youĺl get the better cycle this time, or the next. I'm sure if not now, it will be soon.

  6. i got my hcg result last april 13 at hindi ako nbuntis sa unang ivf .. sobrang lungkot ko 😔😔😔 wala nmng naging problema sa lhat ng test nmin hindi lng tlga nka survive si baby 😔😔

  7. Be strong…have faith and patient to God's plan for both of you..you are not alone in this world!!have bed rest if possible next time.

  8. Ok lang yan sis darating din sa inyo ang baby. Just jeep in praying. God will always be their for you to guide and provide. Unexpected things happens in unexpected day and time. Kaya wag mawalan ng pag asa. Kaya always be positive 😘😘😘

  9. Napaka sad peru life must go on. Praying for u sis na sana makabuo soon. Miss ko na bidy massage kaya lang subra mahal dito pamasahe. Hahaha yung para sa aso natawa ako. We also used organic products here . Pareho kau ng asawa ko sis kitchen section paborito nya. Mahal din pala mga prutas dyan.

  10. Sis oks lang ang mga plastic basta high quality sissy.ako talaga sis after ako lagi sa mahal na gamit kasi for sure magtatagal at safe sissy.god bless sisssss

  11. I am actually following your Journey, and it saddened me. We are actually doing the same procedure. But I am doing stimulated IVF. We are doing it with Dra. Eileen Manalo of CARMI. We just have 1 failed IUI. and we are i n our first stage of IVF. Our situation is difficult as I am here in CAnada and my wife is in the Philippines.

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