BTS – Map of the Soul: Persona EP REVIEW


Persona is missing the dramatic punch of BTS’s previous work.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


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23 thoughts on “BTS – Map of the Soul: Persona EP REVIEW

  1. Girl, can u review more asian albuns?! Dreamcatcher just dropped a masterpiece, besides that, this year we got X1, GWSN, and many other great kpop releases, thanks daddy ♥️

  2. I agree that this EP was underwhelming . I would recommend you their Wings album or Dark&Wild . Their HYYH albums are amazing too . But Jhope's verse made that song for me

  3. omg please do a wings album review<3 I think that wings is such a strong album (also it's RM not rapmonster lol cause he changed his name some time ago)

  4. I have been avoiding this review for a along time and I know I have a complex whare BTS can do no wrong in my eyes but I can absolutely understand why fantano and many other critics gave this album a lower score than any of the LY series.

    As ARMY, we understand why this album is not for the masses, it's really not trying to bring in new fans but more trying to talk to their current ones and reminding them they're still here, or at least that is what I felt.

    I know that the fan songs Magic Shop was one you did not like and it goes to show there are some songs they put out for ARMY. and some they put out for the general public and the gp won't like the fan songs, because they don't get it yet, until they do and that's when they realize they're ARMY.

    Thank you for your review man, and I really am looking forward to you review of their next album

  5. Im including this channel in my fav review/reaction channels list. Its nice seeing different reactions from different channels w/ BTS' albums. Giving constructive criticism w/o BS. Much respect.

  6. kinda wish you'd talked more about the track 'home' cause i feel it's easily the best on the ep. the vocals are stunning and the production is so slick and it's just gorgeous to listen to. i agree that mikrokosmos is definietely one of the more forgettable tracks, it lacks the punch that we're used to from bts. but i feel like with dionysus the whole song is very much a nod to their earliest sound, which was extremely hip hop and had those hard autotuned vocals, so as a fan it was really refreshing to see them bring back that sound in a way that i thought was extremely well done!

  7. I feel like the only reason people are being respectful here is because they mostly agree with Antonio and/or regard him and his opinion as something that has to be taken very seriously or is "right" in a sense because he's a critic. If he didn't present himself this way, the fandom's reaction would be way different. The only time that ARMY doesn't completely rip the people who critique BTS to shreds is when they agree with said person.

    In short, majority of the fandom is overprotective and only let's people who agree with them off the hook. That's what I'd call a toxic fandom, but when it consist of mostly teenagers, it's expected. I suggest ARMYs watch other reviews as well, not only Antonio's to fully form their opinion of the album, and try to come to your own conclusions.

  8. I personally didn't like Jamais Vu.
    Persona and Boy with luv are good but I don't find myself listening to them as much.
    Dionysus.. I love the concept as a whole. I don't think the song in itself is enough. That song can only be fully appreciated along with the live performance. The choreography is phenomenal.

    Howeverrr I loved HOME, Mikrokosmos and Make it right.
    Those three songs make my heart melt.

  9. Honestly I'm an ARMY but I can't help but agree with his opinion that MOTS: Persona could have been so much better.

    Not really sure what BTS had in mind releasing this other than the fact that it was a thank you album for the fans. I really appreciate it though. I mean the thought of making a thank you album for the fans.

    However, I kind of expected a lot when Persona's MV dropped and how deep the lyrics were (as they were aligned with Carl Jung's Map of the Soul) and set the bar up high with the lyrics being a good "sequel" to the LY series. Then other than that… I guess Jamais Vu was the closest to being related to the mood set by Persona.

    I couldn't help but think that this album was somewhat rushed so they could release the songs in time for the Speak Yourself Tour. Even RM himself said that he has been totally drained working on this album (passing the baton to Jhope along the way), and he didn't seem quite satisfied with how some things worked out (e.g. mixing of Dionysus's doubling, forgot the HEY in Mikrokosmos).

    I'm just glad that they had a break now, so they could rest and refill their creative juices and just take their time enjoying creating music.

  10. As much as I love Dionysus I don't really get it being on the album I don't see it connected to the others tracks on persona.i don't see the connection with this one to the whole map of the soul:persona concept

  11. Giving BTS past discography I didn't enjoyed the more pop-commercial sound on this album. (Still Home And Mikrokosmos are hidden gems) And I also agree that the rapping doesn't shines like in their past works. But comparing RM to Pitbull it's an insult. It shows how you as a reviewer don't go deeper into the lyrics and performance of an artist. That was just a lame comparison. I'm out of here.

  12. Thank you for the review! I feel the same thing about the album. I always feel like the other half of album is missing. I feel a bit unsatisfied, which leaves me wanting to listen to the album more. It's like a loop in which resulted with me listening to it non stop.

  13. I think persona is good for what it is I like the songs and I think boy with luv is catchy. But I feel like some people are looking for masterpieces and hugely deep lyrics which is a lot for a group. But I totally understand this review its definitely not their best songs but I don't think the songs are horrible.

  14. I totally respect you opinion and this is just my theory 🙂
    Its an ep and it wasn't meant to be complete, it didn't have an outro song or anything it's just a list of songs that are part of the journey of the soul, it's not complete because it isn't the whole story or journey. There are many more songs to come in their nect albums. I think it gave off this vibe of "incomplete" because it's very short, I think if they just released a full album it would make more sense.
    Anyways, thank you for the review 🙂 I personally really liked home, jamais vu, persona and mikcrokosmos but hey what can I do to change your mind? I also think the rapping was very different but it wasn't necessarily bad at all.
    Also I find it hilarious that ARMYs are the ones whose favs are being criticised yet we are the most polite while outsiders are being completely rude and offensive. We get it. You don't like it. You don't have to call it trash.

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