Don’t Buy This $1500 MSI GP75 Leopard

The MSI GP75 Leopard is a $1499 mid-range gaming laptop, but it features the latest hardware, though some of that hardware (1660 TI * Cough *Cough) really isn’t that powerful, especially for the money. But should you buy it anyway? Let’s find out!

MSI GP75 Leopard from HIDEvolution:
MSI GP75 Leopard on Amazon:

My recommendation is Asus GL504 on Amazon:


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21 thoughts on “Don’t Buy This $1500 MSI GP75 Leopard

  1. Your comparing it with the laptops which are not even in the same price. TBH you should be comparing it to an Asus strix g GTX 1660ti version. This is like comparing a Mitsubishi Evo with a Bugatti Veyron. This makes no sense to me except to know how much well games run at this price

  2. I managed to get the RTX2070 (non Max-Q), 1TB SSD variant of this laptop for USD1800 through some special discounts. Would you say it's worth the money then?

  3. You are leaving out that barely any games even support rtx, that this is 17" not 15", and in all that this actually is a good value option.

  4. Considering the response time, 17inch display and thermals this is 100% best bang for your buck. If you dont mind getting a 15inch then its not

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