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24 thoughts on “Ether 2 + IDSD Black Label First Impressions | Ft. Ether CX

  1. I wanna see how the ifi amp compares to JDS El stack, 789s etc. and how much we compromise (if any) in sound qaulity compared to desktop only solutions.

    PS. What do you think about ifi idsd nano bl ?

  2. I am always waiting for your latest review and I was wondering what you think of Sonarworks True-Fi software for headphone listening? Great vid as usual, keep it up

  3. I have used the iFi iDSD (silver) for 4 years as a desktop solution until I recently got the 789. I'm still using the iDSD as a dac connected to the 789. I'm not sure how much better the BL version is compared to the silver one but after having used it for many hours, my recommendation is to only get it if you want to use it as a portable solution. The amp section has a fair amount of noise, this being even worse on Turbo whereas the 789 is dead silent! Also, even if you have it connected through USB, the battery eventually discharges on Turbo after a couple hours and it gets extremely hot. I suspect it uses more power than it gets through USB. The volume knob makes an audible noise when adjusting it in the lower volumes. Can't really recommend it as a desktop solution, would probably go with a 789 + whatever clean DAC you choose.

  4. I'm Interested to hear about your impression of the macro dynamics on the ether2. If the Dynamics are great I might trade up from my Sundaras .

  5. Highly recommend watching this review while playing the Intestellar soundtrack. Set the volume levels for each at 50/50. At the beginning of the video, start playing the Hans Zimmer masterpiece from the last half of track 3 ("Dust"), around 04:10. Then just let it play through the following tracks. Golden.

  6. I've had my Micro BL for 2 1/2 years now, still love it. The turbo mode is great for something like Fostex cans. My personal choice to use the 3D mode for is me Audeze LCD2 Fazors. It really opens them up, gives them spaciousness they don't usually have. The bass boost is nice with something like the DT1990. I had a few other dac/amp sets in the time I've had my BL, and have sold them all. The BL is just perfect for my needs. Also, having just watched the review to the end, I do use this mainly as my desk unit. I've only gone mobile with it a couple times. And if you use it on the turbo setting for a while it will warm up. Not really get hot, but definitely fairly warm.

  7. I really like my iFi micro BL. What a great package, and probably more than what most will ever need. Very clean sounding and very powerful.

  8. i have been using micro BL for almost 2 years. The normal price is around $500. When it's on sale, the price will come down to around $350 (a few times a year). I don't need that many usb cables like what's shown in video: it came with a blue usb cable and that's the only one I used when I connect it to my laptop. The "off" position is at around 7o'clock at the knob; I usually turn on turbo when I need the volume to go over 2 o'clock. The windows driver from ifi actually shows what bitrate it is getting from USB. Some laptop has a different USB driver program which u can set the output bitrate; make sure that you max it out in the setting. There is some firmware upgrade available on ifi website and I just upgraded mine. I used it with HIFIMAN and HD6xx headphones and I like it so far.

  9. Never heard of yosi horikawa til your videos. Listened to timbres. Totally reminds me of this weird almost alternate version of " TTV" by telefon tel Aviv. The way some of those weird effects sound https://youtu.be/lcTt3VmoCCk a fantastic dynamic track to test headphones with, a favorite of mine

  10. Thanks for checking out our iDSD micro BL! Just to clarify the USB A is for direct connection with Apple CCK or Android OTG rather than an adapter in between. The SPDIF is dual purpose for coaxial and optical so in total is 3 digital ins, 1 analogue in, 2 analogue out (A)RCA, B) Headphones). If you wish to check out any other of our products drop us a line. Thanks!

  11. The BL was such a good deal when you could get it new for $400-$450 USD. $600 seems like a bit much IMO. I believe iFi got mad at retailers who were discounting the BL and started controlling its pricing.
    I've had mine for a few years now and couldn't be happier. It's an excellent product all the way around. The only thing I wish it had was separate USB-audio and power connections.

  12. Crazy that they can charge $600 for that brick when the RME ADI-2 DAC is better in every way with 100x the functionalities for just $300 more.

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