27 thoughts on “I got the Graphics Card!! RX570 MSI Armor 8GB Unboxing, Install, Test with Ryzen 2200G

  1. I dont know why you say I dont know to many times. :v
    You look so happy.
    It was a good buy.
    Cheers and congratulations man.

  2. subscribed your channel si8r love and respect from 1.38 billion indians , sir i have asus h61mk mobo and zotac gtx 750ti 16 gb ram and i5-3330 cpu , i want to replace my gpu with amd rx 570 will my mobo support this card ? or what will i do , will i buy amd rx 580 , please reply sir

  3. hey, can you help me pelase? when i install my graphics card and turn on my pc, it gives me blue screen, any reason why?

  4. This was a nice video but it was a graphics card review and he didn't even know what a "back plate" is called after calling it the "plate on the back" and as a 2400g owner I wouldn't say the rookie move isn't having the screen plugged into the motherboard instead of the graphics card, I would say the rookie move is not knowing about switchable graphics. This guy knows about computers but he misses a lot of general knowledge like the plastic on the fan is there so the fan doesn't move around during shipping and ware out the bearings. All that said, it was entertaining and yes, I sympathize with the anxiety of after installing a new component and starting up the PC again for the first time.

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