Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam blamed herself for causing “unforgivable havoc” in the city and said she would quit if she could, according to a leaked recording of a meeting with businesspeople obtained by Reuters.

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19 thoughts on ““If I have a choice, the first thing [I would do] is to quit,” Carrie Lam says in leaked audio.

  1. The puppet (C. Lam) doesn't call the shot nor the puppet quits, unless the puppet master (CCP) says so. She had consistently lied to and deceived the Hong Kong public in her phoney public speeches that she had neither considered nor even entertained the thought of resigning. She was caught deceiving the public when the leaked tape came to the surface proving otherwise. She has lost all her credibility as the chief executive of Hong Kong!

  2. This audio recording is questionable. It is not clear whether the reporter secretly recorded this conversation or Carrie Lam recorded this conversation to shift her burden to China Xi and make it pitiful to Hong Kong people. There is no other people's voice in the recording. Carrie Lam still carry on the violence in Hong Kong. Liar! Liar! Liar! She is a treason criminal of Hong Kong and she committed war crime and humanity crime.

  3. HK people don't have Carrie Lam disease – dumb, mute, blind. Working for China is only one way: obey and yes. You learned the lesson from them already Carrie Lam. Democracy for HK.

  4. I remember the late Lee Kuan Yew was asked to comment on the resignation of Tung Chee Wah….. LKY replied that the Chief Executive of HKSAR is a thankless job …and it needs a street fighter…… IMO, Carrie Lam will be a fighter to overcome this crisis …  remember the saying, "when the going gets tough, the tough get going"….and soon, the rule of law will prevail over the mob rule……..Carrie Lam, jia you!!  jia you!!

  5. What a pity, you let the rioters ruin Hong Kong and razed the rule of saw into the sea. A weak leader you are, we need someone tough enough to kick those rioters back to their homes.

  6. Created so much fear and anger among the local population, still refuse to step down and claimed self righteous publicly, no wonder you are such an ideal candidate as HK's watchdog in the eye of CCP.

  7. Well Carrie… on the bright side… if you withdraw the bill, AND THEN resign. There would be no legal way for HK to extradite you.

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