Ledger Nano S Review And Setup Guide (Hardware Wallet) 2019

In this video we will review the Ledger Nano S with a setup guide for this hardware wallet in 2019.

The ledger Nano s is one of the best hardware wallets out there; it can store bitcoin, ethereum, xrp, eos, monero, cardano, vechain, and all types of crypto with very high security on the blockchain.

this will be a tutorial for the nano s and its security features, software features like the ledger live and much more.

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source: https://fumceunice.org

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4 thoughts on “Ledger Nano S Review And Setup Guide (Hardware Wallet) 2019

  1. Thanks guys for watching this video, here is the link to buy the ledger nano S hardware wallet from Ledger directly, and btw this helps the channel alot who buys through the link, much appreciated for everyone's support:

  2. Cool review & tutorial🔥

    For to people who got a hardware wallet or thinking about getting one, make sure you protect your crypto investments by engraving your recovery seeds in the titanium CRYPTOTAG🔐

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