Ledger Nano X Review and Setup

Unboxing and restoring the Ledger Nano S to the Ledger Nano X. So far, this is a big improvement over the Nano S, however watch this video and make your own decision. This is for newbies and for those who haven’t looked at their Ledger for over a year.

For those who are new to crypto wallets, please see this FAQ:

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Full disclosure, this was provided by Ledger. I was not paid to create this review or was it reviewed prior to posting. All thoughts and comments are my own. If you want to see more hardware wallet related tutorials, please subscribe to my channel and comment on which coin you would like to see a tutorial on.

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5 thoughts on “Ledger Nano X Review and Setup

  1. I already have ledger live on my laptop connected to my nano s… can I download another ledger live for my nano x on the same laptop?

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