45 thoughts on “Lovely Night in Walking Street, Pattaya 2019 July

  1. I think that "girl" in the green dress at the end is really a guy. Those nipples were erect for too a time–fake. Look at those thighs–really man like. That dude is in for a big surprise!!

  2. 2:35 omg what do they look terrible when eating, i prefere that they look the smartphone, is bad too, but not as much when eating bbbrrrrrrr 9:10 she is hot with the strange jeans on, lovely legs imagine them around your head when l***ng p***y 10:08 keep on your shoes when making love

  3. If you're gonna drop a couple grand on a holiday, do yourself a favor and learn a few phrases of Thai. A: the locals appreciate it and are impressed even if they don't show it. B: If you're trying to hook up, chan khid wa khun na rak will take you a long way. Google translate is your best friend.

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