Wanting to try more MTL atomizers, this couldn’t have gotten here at a better time. This rebuildable single coil MTL is up for review today from Augvape! Let’s jump into this one today and give you my thoughts!
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By Anders 
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6 thoughts on “Merlin Nano RTA I Augvape I MTL Unboxing, Build And Review

  1. Sorry Folks, had to upload this again as it cut off the first time around. Thanks for the love. Glad we caught it early! Thanks Jmoney!

  2. I'm one of those with a nickel allergy and I want to give you props for mentioning that the coils aren't labeled. Great review. The build deck, chimney and cap are all very similar to the Dvarw RTAs and I can't help but think Augvape is going to catch some serious shit for copying KHW's design.

  3. Wazzzup slave, I'm more straight to the lung guy, but this device I'm thinking would be good for the wife. I been trying to get her to quit smoking cigs. She dont like vaping cause it makes her cough, but I think this might be the ticket. Thanks for another great review, keep up the good work brotha👍🤙🤙🤙🌬

  4. Hey man thanks for the review u can use a magnet to differ between the two even a magnet on a door panel will .magnetize kanthal the nichrome will not thanks again

  5. Great review, just wish the camera wasnt focused on the build mat but hey it happens to us all. Loved the lego analogy, not sure how i feel about the fill method they went with tho, im a top fill kinda guy myself lol

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