39 thoughts on “mobo PCB Breakdown: MSI X570 Godlike // It does almost everything

  1. Improved PCB, very flexible, won't crack. 😉

    They could've put a molex or 6-pin instead of the enigneering button at the bottom. Rev 2 please!

  2. But Buildzoid, the MSI reps themselves in the interview with hardware cannucks told us that the X570 godlike is supposed to run a PCIE 4.0 Bridge chip and offer 16+16+16+4. Why is your board not the right MSI X570 MEG Godlike? Are there two versions of the board?

  3. Expensive YES, Wannabe top brand Yes, Use more units to rise the price YES, make sure they fry after some number of using hours or under heavy duty YES, It must me Microstar Bullshit what stand for "IT'S MENT TO FAILURE ". What i don't get it is why this guys keep review only Microstar products, because even a shit cover it nicely can look like a diamond, is his job to do that with MSI?

  4. Does anyone know how to find output information in current for a power stage? I tried to look up a certain power stage but all I can find is a data sheet that does not state power output in current unless I am not seeing it. Thanks

  5. Hey Buildzoid whats with the last +1 in the VRM description on the GODLIKE website says :
    'Flagship 14+4+1 phases IR digital VRM and brand-new infinity design, symbolizes the unlimited performance and power.'

    And the ACE mobo says:
    'Win games and set records with 12+2+1 IR digital power'

  6. Say you have 4x 2080 ti's, and they are all plugged into an EVGA 1600 with their own 8pins leading to the PSU. Would that still blow the the 24 pin because of additional power draw over the pci slots? Or was the comment about overloading more about cards that overdraw their power from the MB? Help me out, cause overloading it with graphics cards is exactly what I was planning on doing to this thing. Looking into my own question, I find that 2080 ti's draw about 50w over the pci slots themself, so could I get away with the 200w draw on this board?

  7. You said Asus refuses to use doublers but doesnt the C7 Hero has doublers as well? I ask because I plan to use that board for the new Ryzen CPUs and was wondering if this would be better for normal OC. Main reason os because X570 look to be very expensive just for PCIE4.

  8. Can someone help me. If i get a B450 motherboard for a Ryzen 3000 will i haev to have a 2000 series first to update the BIOS?

  9. Isn't that a warranty case if the 24 pin blows up from running 4 pci devices in the pci port?
    Like isn't that something that's supposed to work?

  10. When the full line of Ryzen chips and x570 boards are out I would like to know (with an unlimited budget) what should I buy to get the best without wasting money. I run (win 10) yuck! and steam games. I already have the coolermaster 500p mesh case and a scythe fuma rev b for cpu cooling. I will be looking nvivida for gpu. Hopefully can contact you and get a paid for consult???? The corsair new super fast nvme when released that will also be purchased. Knowing the right board and memory would be great. Thx for the great vids….

  11. does so much but not 10Gbit so useless, 2.5Gbit seems to only exist on motherboards, people and workplaces have 100-1Gb-10Gb never heard or seen anyone even talking about 2.5Gb, 2.5Gbit is like Nivida VRlink…next ! edit : also they need to stop putting pcie slots straight over the bottom wires and abov nvme drives, your gpu heats the nvme which get hot real fast already

  12. You said crossfire doesn't use much of the pcie lane, is the same true for SLI? How well would SLI work on this board if a m.2 riser was in the x8 spot with the 2nd SLI card in the x4?

  13. I'd love to see you do a video called something like "If I were to design a motherboard" where you take your knowledge in this area and apply it to designing a motherboard without current case constraints. How much of the standard AT-styled board layout leads to the difficulty of getting these boards to work well? For instance, if you had the RAM on one side of the CPU and the GPU connectors on the other side, would it be easier to route the signals?

  14. Thank you for your video. I like to watch and learn more . . . . But please PLEASE finish your sentences. You deviate and don't go back making me think i missed something.

  15. Hey buildzoid do you have any plans on making. A video ranking the best power stages/mosfets that are currently being used, and ones you are excited about in the future?

  16. If they have higher quality board materials they might have gone with lower capacitance traces for the RAM (good for latency), and I believe those are more sensitive to RF interference (but only by a miniscule amount). It would probably be easier to glue ferrite planes on the motherboard to try and combat stuff like that though.

  17. Hello Mr. Buildzoid,
    When Ryzen 3000 comes out, I want that you put the AMD Ryzen™ 7 3700X / 3800X on the cheapest and "best" motherboard you can find on the market (< $100) and start overclocking it.

    Thank you

  18. Will never buy msi again.. They suck.. Their aftermarket service sucks.. Their support sucks.. Their rma process in South Africa sucks….they are always cutting corners… Fuckem!!!

  19. O zoid if your reading, they cant put the smds in that area on the memory because of AMD's keep out zone for the AM4 socket.

  20. Just get those power connector things you put in the PCIE slot on ebay or IDK if EVGA still sells them; they used to…..Or obviously you can just make them

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