45 thoughts on “MSI GE75 9SF Raider-286 Intel® 9th Gen Core™ i7-9750H – nVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070

  1. Hey, can you do a review of the MSI GE65, ( https://www.costco.com/MSI-GE65-Raider-Gaming-Laptop—9th-Gen-Intel-Core-i7-9750H—GeForce-RTX-2070—240Hz-1080p-Display.product.100510949.html ), curious how it compares to the GE75. You've got the best, most thorough laptop reviews, and thanks for contributing to the community,…sub'd!!

  2. Great review. I'm looking to purchase this exact laptop but I had a question for you. Is there a difference between the MSI GE75 9SF Raider-286 and the MSI GE75 9SF-424CA Raider? Thanks for any feedback.

  3. Hello: Each of your videos is too dark. The internals are close to the dark and can't see the details. Can you improve? Thank you.

  4. Hey Bob, a stupid question if I may ask.
    After formatting I downloaded the audio driver from msi site and the audio quality is much worse than what ever driver hid shipped with my laptop and I can't seem to find it.
    Did you experience something like this and found which is the best audio driver? (Bass is totally gone on the external speakers after the format and nahimic makes it only worse )

  5. Did they change the LCD panel on this laptop? I think the panel they used on your MSI GE75 2080 laptop review seems to be a better one than the one in this laptop.

  6. So I am the only unlucky one to have gotten a pannel with 270 cdm² with the former generation CPU? 🙁 Long story short, the 8750H gets very hot and the screen I got does not go beyond 270cdm² sadly.

  7. I just got a GE75 Raider 8SE model, the one with the i7 8750H and RTX 2060, and just couldn't be happier with it. It flies out of the box, and this week I will get a new 16gb memory module to enable the dual channel thing. My model, the 16GB one, comes with a single 16GB module, not the typical 8+8GB configuration, so an aditional module is needed to unleash the full potential of the CPU.

    The only downside I can see is the keyboard. Its quite nice, colorfully LED-backlighted and with a decent feel while typing, but they moved a bunch of "productivity use" keys around too much for my taste, so I will have quite an steep adaptation curve for such a weird layout. I know that a full keyboard, with numeric keypad and all, is hard to fit into a 17 inches laptop, but some decisions about the layout seem completely unneeded, or plain silly, and make developing with the machine quite a pain.

  8. I never used a 17 inch laptop before and now they're getting thinner and lighter I'm thinking of getting one with an RTX 2070. I used MSI's in the past and I currently have an Omen 15 for Windows gaming. This might be a better option!

  9. I'm looking to buy a new gaming laptop with intel i7 9th Gen and RTX 2070. The two choices are this one here and the Asus Strix Hero III. Based on the thermals I think I'll stick with this one! Unless someone says otherwise.

  10. Just returned mine back after having real issues with performance in games, getting like half the fps it should demonstrate.
    ~90 in Overwatch, while benchmarks shows 187
    ~60 fps in Apex Legends – 120 in benchmarks
    ~90 Heroes of the storm – 160+ in bench.

    And the issue was not with the temperatures (undervolting stabilizes maximum CPU at ~85).
    GPU was either hit instantly power limitations or getting status of "no load", loading for 25-30% in old games (heroes of the storm, csgo), working on 600-1000 MHz instead of 1800, giving just 90 fps.

    Now I'm kinda worried of buying any gaming 💻

  11. Based on many reviews, the performance is negligible at best as 99% of the laptops aren't fitted with liquid metal. So they are "thermally challenged".

  12. Huge disappointment that they put a red line on the touchpad, this could've been a really clean looking laptop if they weren't playing any funny games with those red accents.

  13. this keyboard is horrible. the light bleed is totally disturbing. and they made the sides transparent, so yeah…. horrible lightbleed

  14. Hello, how you get this CPU temperature, is very good, I have this laptop but the CPU has 90 – 96°C, can you help me to have better temperature like you?. My laptop is new, I only have one week.

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