MSI GT76 Review! HIDevolution Makes it Right!

5Ghz 9900k and 200w RTX 2080…..come on in!

Amazon HIDevolution GT76 (I’ll have updates here soon) gt76&index=aps&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=xm2&linkId=28b1359c7beec1d6ac2983c6938625ea

-If you really want one of these with this spec, Liquid Metal is really the only way to go. You’ll retain your warranty and have a legendary laptop. Without it I can only recommend the 9700k and RTX 2070. That 2070 is the 115w version. It’s a pretty compelling spec actually considering how cool it could potentially run 😉

-Battery life. The power limits are locked in the bios at this time but then can be brought down (not up) with ThrottleStop. Setup a profile to run on battery and limit PL1 to 25w and Pl2 to 15w. Have all 16 threads boost around 1600mhz. Do not run MSI Afterburner on battery as it’ll constantly ping the dedicated GPU. Start with these tweaks and disable what you don’t need for your own personal unplugged time. Doing this gave me an additional 60 minutes unplugged.

-Two Power Supplies are connected with a rubber grommet and into the physical dongle. It’s not possible to run the GT76 with 1 PSU. We’re not quite there yet. Many of us on the forums have contact a company that has the capability to make a single large PSU for laptops. They have the PSU but not the proprietary connection. Let’s see what happens in the future.

-This is not as large as it seems and I hope this review revealed this. I’ve had 17″ desktop replacements and this felt smaller thanks to the new design.

-BIOS is in its infancy. HIDevolution and MSI both know this. 1.03 was far better overall as 1.06 wasn’t sleep stable and often would need powered down to work correctly. This was left out as it’ll get fixed and this information in the video would be irrelevant. This channel is a provided service so these details are placed in the description to better serve the community.

-The Acoustic tuning was AWESOME! But please understand that Liquid Metal really made this happen like you saw in this video. You can do this same thing without Dragon Center in about 80% of the titles I tested. It actually runs quieter and as a result the GPU fan was eventually triggered in 20% of the titles. So the Dragon Center combined with the Liquid Metal provided consistent Acoustic Tuning noise and Performance.

-Soldered GPU and socketed CPU is a flip flop from the previous Titan laptops from MSI. MXM GPU’s are really hard to get and extremely expensive. Stephen has a MXM 1080 and to get a 2080 into it is over $1200. Not an ideal solution unfortunately. Desktop CPU’s on the other hand are not held for ransom.

CPU wattage settles at 150w. Temps at load here in Handbrake are already pushing the boundary even with Liquid Metal. We can take ten GT76 laptops at their peak 150w overclock limit will be different. Some will do 4.6, some 4.7 and some 4.8. Binning CPU’s is an actual service provided by a few companies. It’s nothing to worry about and performance out of the box with LM is amazing anyway. But, this makes quite the case for a 9700k and it’s the sku i’d buy if it were my money. It’s not that I wouldn’t rather have the 9900k, it’s because the 9700k is good enough for me and i’m not made of money.

-Overclocking to 5Ghz yields an 8% average increase to the minimum FPS. Some titles did nothing and others did a bit more. Your in-game settings affect this too. I could talk about this in a video for hours and it wouldn’t matter. There’s not enough depth out there to reveal how this works as it’s endless. Too many games and unique in-game preferences along with updates to skew results.

Why the desktop CPU? It doesn’t have to honor the limited TDP like mobile cpu’s. Having 150w to work with not only smashes through Handbrake, it also feeds the GPU better maintaining a higher minimum frame-rate.

MSI has left a little on the table here without a MUX or a straight connection from the dedicated GPU to the display. There’s a technical bottleneck when having to pipe the image through the iGPU first. It’s the only thing that the AW51m has to standout above the GT76.

As of today I would still prefer the GT76 for superior cooling, proper fan control with its dedicated hardware button and solid software functionality. Yeah, have you seen AW Command Center on the 51m yet? Yikes!


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42 thoughts on “MSI GT76 Review! HIDevolution Makes it Right!

  1. I don't see a huge difference in terms of performance between this, the GT76, and the GE75 you did 2 months ago. Most games it seems you get 135 fps vs 120 fps, and when your talking about a 2 power-brick solution in a laptop that weighs twice as much, I don't see a huge incentive to go after it. Nice review. Thanks!

  2. Review's great, but don't get me wrong, laptop's hideous…also, still don't understand why they kept 2.5 SSD? Could've had bigger room for battery

  3. I bought this GT76 and the display have backlight bleeding do not recommend this laptop lcd ips panel on it very bad and annoying in watching movies and playing dark games!

  4. Please do a full review on the Alienware Area 51M and later on do a comparison between the GT76 and Area 51M … Anyway that's was an awesome review mate…Thanks a lot for the review…

  5. I will be in Boston 1 day from 8:00 till 18-00 if You brine it to me to port to ship(marine vessel) I can bay. I give to You cash

  6. I am from Ukraine. I want by this

  7. This laptop is a step back in so many ways from the GT75 Titan. BGA GPU (biggest mistake right there), 2 less m.2 PCIe slots, no mechanical keyboard, no G-sync, loss of SD card reader, 1 less USB slot, 2 less audio connectors, and bringing the power plug from the back to the laptop to the right side making for a cable mess.

    Only thing this laptop gets right is the socketed LGA2066 desktop processor. If only the GT75 had that same socket….perfect desktop replacement right there. I'd much rather have a soldered CPU like the GT75 over a soldered GPU. GPU's have a higher chance of failing than CPU's and getting a replacement will be a bitch. Gonna need to replace the entire mobo for that. Unlike the GT75 where it's MXM.

  8. loved that tuning to 40db, the numbers really dont tell the difference unless you understand how the scale works. if only these had a ryzen version option, the customizeability would be insane

  9. Hi bob i bought an aw17r5 and they shipped it with a battery that was draining at 71% , i got it replaced but it keeps draining still , how long does a standard 68whr battery supposed to last for ? is it 1hr , 2hrs or three hrs?

  10. Great review. Just bought myself the Helios700 a month ago and have to say that I love that we now finally live in a time where you can have amazing gaming performance at business trips. Hopefully there will be better solutions in the future when it comes to heat efficiency, so they become super powerful AND relatively quiet. I also hope they quit all the RGB shenanigans, as they only cost the customer extra money and I turn them off anyway.
    PS: I do not understand why you still have such a small audience at that quality!?!

  11. Hey Bob nice video,I was wondering which is better the asus rog strix hero 2 with rtx 2060 or the Acer Predator Helios 300 with a gtx 1660 ti they are about the same price in my country

  12. What happens if you use it with only a single power brick? The weight of the laptop + power bricks it's the real deal breaker for me. You can't just carry it around.

  13. Hi Bob, great detailed video! Just a random question for you….will highly appreciate if you answer….does MSI afterburner show the GPU edge temperature or junction temperature in laptops? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

  14. Hey Bob, I just got the 9750H in the Aero 17!
    Is there any reason why I should do the undervolting via throttlestop instead of XTU? Your XTU video seemed to suggest it's better than throttlestop because it doesn't require Task Scheduler.
    The BD PROCHOT and Speed Shift EPP changes you did at the start, are they important and can they be done in XTU? Thanks!
    Originally asked on an old video and assumed you didn't see it.

  15. I can see all the comments from the hardcore PC overclockers. “You’re going to buy a high spec laptop and only push 4 GHz on the CPU and not push the GPU? What a poser!”

    That aside, is 4 GHz enough for most high spec overclockable gaming laptops, or should one try to push a little further if the head room is there? I say this because I have an Alienware 17 R5 with the i9 8950HK, and I can get it up to around 4.2 (4.4 in optimal conditions), but it seems to thermal and power limit throttle itself when it gets anywhere close to that. I’ve tried messing with undervolting with ThrottleStop, but it only allows me to go so far with it. I might just try to keep it at 4 GHz and see what I can get out of it and save my thermal performance, but if I can push 4.1 without too much issue, I’ll keep it there. I still need to try replacing the thermal paste on the CPU and GPU as well to see what that will do. The Fujipoly Thermal Pads might help too.

  16. Great review as always Bob. On the the two SSD, the metal plate is stock or a customisation from HID evolution ?

    Can you add ssd temp on your review if possible, i got a friend who wants to add a Samsung SSD Evo but he told me that they gets too hot to put in our laptop, some people get high temps and the SSD throttle sometimes…

  17. Great in depth review, sweet machine but lack of G-sync let alone it not being directly routed through the GPU is a salt on injury. Thanks for the vid

  18. Hello Bob, do you maybe an i7-9900 + 2070 would make much difference in battery life than an i9 + 2080 model? would it be more practical/portable so to speak? Maybe 30min to 1hr more battery life? that would be interesting. Thanks

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