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– Can’t think of much really. In hindsight I think MSI can maybe tweak some of the RGB modes to run a bit slower, most of the RGB effects are really fast moving as you can see at 2:07
– Questions? Just ask!

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32 thoughts on “MSI made a PC Case? – MSI MPG Gungnir 100 Review

  1. I'm building my PC piece by piece

    RTX 2080 FE OC
    i7 9700k
    32gb 3600mhz ram
    Asus ROG maximus 10 core
    1tb gen 4 nvme SSD
    RM750X psu
    Nzxt kraken x62 aio
    Nzxt h510 elite

    So far I have the 2080 .-.

  2. Thanks for another nice and honest review! It seems that the review of this case could be done with the words which we hear in the beginning: "kind of cool". The case is nice but at least for me it is a bit too massive. Or I am wrong?

  3. It's 2019 and I still haven't swaped by good ol' Fractal case. The Gungnir case sure is a decent looking case with some compelling features, but I'd still go for something more budgety (nick nick Vikingy) or a smaller form factor 😀

    Speaking of Norse Gods, I believe Hel (Goddess of the Underworld) was mostly depicted as naked, so that could've worked. There would've even been room for a bad pun. It's Hel-la good. Oops.

    Oh and Gungnir sounds so weird, especially since I would've expected that from Fractal (Swe) and not a Taiwanese one, haha. But I guess ASUS has Thor. That gives electricity, but the case as a spear? Imma have to get to @msitweets for this one…

  4. Thanks for the video. Will you review the Sekira 500X as well? There seems to be virtually no coverage of that product, despite it being available now.

  5. Lovely Video Guys . I really came to know many things about this case Thanks . I learned many things from you Guys . Love You Techtesters .

  6. The case looks good and the temps surprised me. I thought it would be starved of fresh air considering its closed front panel.

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