MSI Prestige 15 Laptop Review – Content Creator’s DREAM!

With this new laptop, #MSI taps into the spirit of creativity the Prestige 15 features the latest 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor. The #Prestige15 is perfected for photo editing, video rendering, music composition and really is a #contentcreator’s dream

For more information please get hold of the awesome crew at Evetech (who kindly supplied my review unit).


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7 thoughts on “MSI Prestige 15 Laptop Review – Content Creator’s DREAM!

  1. I can tell that you are excited about this machine, which is awesome as I have had my eye on this laptop for nearly two months now waiting for a review (of the 4K version specifically). This video is a bit disappointing since it was basically you jumping around holding this toy. I would have loved to see the 4K display, watch you type on it, or anything else that an actual review should have included…

    About damn time mate, been missing your videos and your humor 🙂
    Please tell me you have more videos lined up, and NO more sabbaticals!

  3. Thanks for the video
    I have some questions regarding the prestige laptop
    How is the sound quality of it ?
    Did the laptop getting too hot when dealing with video editing ?

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