MSI Prestige P100 Review – A Small PC For Creators?

The MSI Prestige P100 is a small form factor PC for content creators, though the specs are so good you could also use it as a gaming machine.

Australian Pricing:
US pricing TBA

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27 thoughts on “MSI Prestige P100 Review – A Small PC For Creators?

  1. I saw some specs listing it as having DP 1.2. (or maybe I am mistaken). Would there be any major difference with DP 1.2 vs 1.4 for most users?

  2. So add 3k to the price and toss around the phrase "content creation". Everyone is apple now. How about a 1k screen stand and no headphone Jack.

  3. hi jarrod, any update on the gx502 you got few weeks ago? really looking forward for that review 🙂 great content as always

  4. wow I am in complete shock there is no thunderbolt at 6500$. wow. Otherwise that's like a desktop built for someone like me, an all in one that does everything.. production and gaming.. i am really surprised about the TBolt though.. always something Jarrod!

  5. Hey @Jarrod'sTech can u do us a favor mate and do a review on the HP omen laptop core i9 9880h with full RTX 2080 and also the MSI GE75 9SG with same specs like the HP Omen? They are both available in Australia. I found the Omen to be about $3600 AUD and the msi $4600. Thanks mate

  6. Congrats on 100k subs!

    In my opinion you're better off building your own computer than buying this one. While the small form factor is nice, the fan noise really puts a damper on things. For further nails into the coffin, 1. the price is even steeper than a custom build and 2. even the smallest ITX cases on the market have better thermal solutions. Sorry, MSI… it may be pretty, but it's not worth it.

  7. Woww 100k subs 🔥 I am really happy for you Jarrod’s. I am a fan your channel since it has 8k subs. I know you gonna be one of the best in this job😎

  8. Hi hope you doing okay. So, I dropped my laptop yestersay and whenever I try to turn it on it makes weird noise and says boot device not found. The warranty expired about a month ago so am I fucked or is there a solution? My guess is if I try to unplug and the plug-in the hdd again it should work. Hope you have a solution. Also can you tell me how to undervolt a CPU?

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