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MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT Evoke OC Review: Custom Navi FTW!

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30 thoughts on “MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT Evoke OC Review: Custom Navi FTW!

  1. DO NOT buy ANY MSI 5700xt cards as they do not have proper thermal pads on some of the ram chips plus no direct contact to the heat sink. Check out 2:38 half sized thermal pads for 2 of the ram chips, which if you look at 3:16 you can see the pad residue on the chips. The only reasons I can think MSI did this was there was a fundamental design fault between the 2 chips and their distance from the GPU with full pads stopping GPU contact of the plate with the GPU if the pads raised it to much on one side. Sapphire use a fin system over the ram and Gigabyte have a larger sink area for the GPU chip so the 2 ram thermal pads do not raise the GPU to plate contact. Fundamental lazy design by MSI. Poor cooling on the ram chips wil cause these to degrade quicker over time and the fans to ramp up.

  2. Those half-size thermal pads over the VRAM modules tho 10/10 (when the GPU looks premium yet they cut corners by using thermal pads that only cover half of the VRAM modules)

  3. Came back for a rewatch after other Steve's video, did you fix their silly half size thermal pads when you put it back together after the teardown? Temps in the F1 footage looked ok

  4. Biased review. Not even a word about too small memory thermalpads (~50%) which are causing hight temperatures. Look for GamerNexus.

  5. It came out in Canada $60 more expensive than reference models… I think I'll just get a blower… I'll dedicate the $60 bucks to renovating my Gameboy advance SP from 2004 LOL

  6. : D RX 5700 XT Red Devils… King of all RX 5700 XT… ( Super Quiet & Super Cooling like Air-con : D ).. Beats RTX 2070 Super….. ( 5-6% Faster than Asus RX 5700 XT founder edition )

  7. I don't really want Goldfinger in my case tbh, I am surprised to hear that the Evoke OC is $50 more expensive in Aussie than in New Zealand.

  8. Amazingly enough, all crypto mining clients fail with this card. So gamers rejoice, you have a nice upgrade to look forward to. Meh 🙁 Gonna be buying a bunch of nVidia cards to mine with.

  9. I'll be exchanging my blower 5700xt for a 3rd party model via amazon. Great analysis — I will not be going for an MSI. Of the Pulse, Red Devil, and the Evoke, Red Devil looks best to me. Looking out for xfx models too.

  10. I'd buy this even at $500. AMD RIS is the biggest selling point for me. Because that will make the card age way better than any other card. After about two years games will be very heavy and FPS will drop. If you have this card you can turn down the resolution and turn on RIS and get the same fps and quality. RIS is way superior than nvidias bullshit DLSS.

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