Today Dominic is back with another custom Navi graphics card review, this time it’s MSI’s RX 5700 XT Evoke OC. It’s got a striking ‘champagne gold’ shroud, with a dual axial fan design and factory overclocked core. Is it worth the £60 price premium over AMD’s MSRP?

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23 thoughts on “MSI RX 5700 XT Evoke OC Review – Dominic’s Take!

  1. DO NOT buy ANY MSI 5700xt cards as they do not have proper thermal pads on some of the ram chips plus no direct contact to the heat sink

  2. are reviewers so incompetent they can't adjust the fan curve or use the bios that MSI released that changes the fan curve for them.

  3. Of all the things I've seen ppl complain about with this anniversary card, fan noise has not been one of them lol. I dunno many ppl if any that would buy this card and not tweak the settings to their liking.

  4. 50db….that's like a quiet library. What was the ambient noise floor in your test room? I'm guessing maybe 32db? My noise floor is much lower than 50db, sure, so I'd hear this card ramp up, but not horribly loud. Either way, I won't be getting it solely for the color clash it would cause in my chassis. Thanks for the info

  5. There is a lot of people, also people who want good parts, that don't care about how it looks… Or at least not enough to not buy it…
    This is one of the first AIB card, and many will buy it just for that…
    I can get the red devil for same price as this in my country – and I can wait, so no reason for me to get this… but it was close I did 🙂

  6. Blower is rubbish,sapphire looks too bland for a windowed case, red devil looks tacky, this ones too loud.
    Why is there always a compromise with AMD cards.
    Nvidia third party cards just seem a lot better.

  7. Did you test it with your own fan curve at all…? I mean, with temps like that im sure a less aggressive fan curve is totally doable.

  8. I sort of liked Goldeneye and Goldfinger, I'm not too sure about that GPU shroud, maybe if there was a gray or silver-ish one then maybe. Also, 100MHz sounds like, well, meh, unless the card is at under 1GHz stock, works out to less than a 10% boost in clocks over the reference card. So marginally better cooler performance, and mostly for the looks, and some will like the looks. At least it doesn't perform worse than the reference card for the sake of looks, lol.

    Great vid Dominic and crew. B)

  9. The answer to the noise issue is easy! Just download MSI Afterburner and Tweak the Fans to run as you please… I can't even remember the last time I ran any Gpu with a Stock Fan Curve…

  10. I use an MSI Armor RX580. Quiet is one word I would associate with my card, so I am not surprised to see the same here. I am definitely looking forward to the reviews of the other editions in the coming weeks.

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