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28 thoughts on “MSI X570 Gaming Edge WiFi Unboxing and Overview

  1. Hey, you said the 4-pin extra CPU Connector is useless. Does that mean I could technically run the PC without it being plugged in?

  2. Just curious, could you install a Corsair MP600 M.2 on that board? I saw that it comes with a metal plate covering the M.2 slot which I'm assuming is acting as a heatsink, but the MP600's come with a heatsink already. Could the user just simply remove the plate from the board and be fine or is it also providing coverage to other chips?

  3. The extra 4 pin is not useless, it makes the wire cooler. (Like a load balance)

    For some bad PSU, the wire or connector may get very hot in heavy load, which is not safe.
    MB manufacturer must consider all kinds of scenario, that's why they put extra 4 or 8 pin on MBs. Just for safety.
    – By a MB engineer in MSI

  4. I'm still kinda mad about the VRM issues. I've bought this and planned to pair it with an 3900x (which didn't arrive yet), but now I can't decide, if i should just keep the board or return it. Do you think it would run fine in a Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic case with an 240mm AIO in top as exhaust and 3 120mm at the side for intake? (paired with a 2080ti if that matters).

    Would really love to hear your opinion about it, since I'm quite confused about the VRM issues.

  5. i bought this board but after i build my pc it wasnt just turning on like there was no power flowing i check the internet and stuff and it said that its broken so i sent it back and got 1 week after a replacement but its till not working any1 here that can help me here?

    and yes i put everything currectly in it wasnt the first pc i build and i checked all the other pc parts too they work fine with my other pc but this board just doesnt

  6. Hardware unboxed talked about his board being super hot and that it was the worst of all 200 dollar x570 boards; I wanted to know was that true for you too?

  7. In view of the latest tests the best motherboards at 200 euros:

    Asus TUF Gaming X570-Plus

    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite

    Asrock X570 Steel Legend

    The MSI MPG X570 WiFi Gaming Edge, is bad.

    Hardware Unboxed
    Affordable X570 VRM Thermal Performance, Warning: One Board Sucks!


  8. I can't understand from the comments which one do you prefer-recommend.. the ASUS TUF or the MSI MPG?
    I will not overclock cpu, gpu etc

  9. Hi, Iam going to build a new gaming PC soon with ryzen 3700x and I'm struggling to choose x570 motherboard because my friend having the Gigabyte Aorus elite x570 and that board is giving constant bios errors so I'm going to buy this board or Asus x570 tuf gaming plus or Msi x570 pro carbon WiFi so tell me which one is good for my build? Absolutely I don't need a Motherboard with lots of bios errors

  10. sir i have the same motherboard. Can i still use my gen 3 m.2 ssd? if yes what slot should i put it? the one with a m.2 ssd heat sink or the one below?
    Thank you

  11. Just to mention there is a 'shout out for msi' kind of contest where you have to review the product (check out the retailers confirmed on the shout out page) and you basically have a chance to win a aio cooler before 18/08. Anyway nice video, I just received mine 😀

  12. The hype about VRM is pretty… meh. This board is more than fine. Of course if you want to overclock a 3900X this board will make it difficult but it would still be possible and most people won't even buy a 3900X and overclock it, especially on this board. For stock usage or 3600/3600X/3700X this board is just perfect and comes without all the trouble of a B450 or X470 board regarding compatibility and BIOS. Especially for people upgrading without an older Ryzen or AMD APU.

  13. Very solid review on a board I bought under the same circumstances as yourself. Found myself ordering as soon as everything went on sale lol Keep it up!

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