MSI’s X570 motherboards for AMD Ryzen 3000 series processors are nearing availability, to be accompanied with new AMD CPUs in July.
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Our coverage of Computex 2019 (#computex2019) starts today, leading with the MSI X570 motherboards for AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs. The motherboards include the below:

– MSI X570 Godlike
– MSI X570 Gaming Pro Carbon
– MSI X570 Gaming Edge
– MSI X570 Gaming Plus
– MSI X570 Creation

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Host, Editorial: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman

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47 thoughts on “MSI X570 Motherboards for Ryzen 3000: Big VRM Designs for 16 Cores

  1. Regarding the CPU keynote: Video soon! We wanted more information on AMD CPU specs, especially about boost behavior (and there were some misleading charts, like bottlenecked benchmarks), but it's a start. As stated earlier, more depth will be provided at the June 10 E3 event, something AMD confirmed here. Video soon.

  2. I probably won't buy a new CPU, Mobo and RAM until the end of January but is MSI X570-A PRO good for a Ryzen 5 3600? with 3200mhz (2x8GB) RAM.

    cannot find any review of that Motherboard (MSI X570-A PRO)

  3. All Mumble and no prices. Prices are fucking greedy. Fuckwits will buy it though and greedy Msi will just keep doing it along with all other manufacturers

  4. Anyone know the diagonal hole spacing for the chipset fan on these?
    Would make it alot easier to find alternatives however can't find this info anywhere

  5. Which one for OC?
    Gigabyte X570 AORUS XTREME 14+2 Phase or MSI MEG X570 GODLIKE 14+4 Phase?
    Intel i9 9900k @ 5.1 GHz with MSI Z390 Godlike (Had Gigabyte Z390 Xtreme before)

  6. building my first pc soon so newb question… was wondering if i get a ryzen 3700x and an AMD RX 5700, would it be stupid to save some money and go with a 470x? shit's expensive ^^

  7. Retiring the ol' i7 4770k. My MSI Mpower board is just about on its last legs, the first 2 dimm slots stopped working plus frequent crashing. Bring on the AMD 3800X & ASUS Strix or Aorus Master board. 😮

  8. That small fan is making my Ryzen erection go flat. If active cooling is needed because of PCIe v4, does that mean that the fan won't spin if I don't use any of the PCIe slots? I'm actually happy to use on-board graphics as I use the computer for audio work, not gaming, so a miniITX board with no expansion cards would be fine for me.

  9. I'm pretty sure the Creation will be able to handle an over-clocked 16-core. It's up there with the Godlike in MSI's product stack.

  10. I do not have a problem with a fan on the bord. But I you want to cool something even 11 watts, please give me some fins. Way use an aluminium block with 3 fins.
    I want real fins, and a slow spinning fan that I can set the rpm for as a function of the temp. preferably the fan can stop when it is not needed.
    Rule of thumb, if something needs cooling do i right. It would be possible to passive cool 11-20 watt with a cooler, thus make a model or a upgrade without fans.

    Also use standard hole sizing and make it easy for thread partys to create a better cooler, just as for the CPU.

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