WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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31 thoughts on “Oumier Wasp Nano RTA | Review | Build & Wick

  1. Why do you women insist on having those claws on your fingers? My wife has destroyed the doors around the door knobs. I'm afraid to say anything since I like the skin on my face.

  2. It's really tempting to get one of these even though the top cap will fail sooner or later.
    BTWQ- Hi, Kimmy. You look great, young lady. Another good, helpful review as always.

  3. Great review, Kimmy! Another point on that plastic top cap is that over time, it will go dull, then it will yellow. Nature of the beast.

  4. Been looking for one of these all over in the town that I live in and nobody carries it 😔 I'd rather give my money to a brick and morter but I might not have a choice.

  5. Good morning kimmy looking great as always you are so very pretty lookin forward to the chance to win this I want this one pretty bad actually its good to see you we have missed you

  6. Thanks for the Professional review Kimmy. 1st thoughts on ur beautiful nails was omg those would hit the spot on an itchy back 🤣🤣..
    I'm hoping Oumier will make a metallic w/ 5-10 driptip topcat for this little flavor banger. Idk how much it would mute flavor if any.

  7. AWESOME REVIEW, very thorough and informative 🤘I'm a big fan of the wasp rda, I don't typically use rta but this one peeks my interests. Keep on keepin on ma'am 👍

  8. Great review. I love mine. It fits perfectly on the original pico 75w. Makes the perfect tiny little set up. It's my daily carry now. Thanks for the review!

  9. This is a great atty, the only con I have is that there is no metal insert for threading on the top cap.
    Thanks for sharing your review, Kimmy!

  10. Its the one and only 👉 lil Kim👈 your so loved and appreciated ❤️ wait! We can't forget adorable! 😉 Thanks for Rollin the clip sugarbooboosnickerdoodlecakes.. 😉

  11. Good review Kimmy, curious to that little rta, not curious enough to get it though, unfortunatly not a top airflow tank.
    Nice magnetic nails 😀

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