League of Legends analyst & LCK caster PapaSmithy reviews SK Telecom T1 vs. G2 Esports from 5/18/2019.

SKT T1 came into their MSI 2019 semifinal with a chip on their shoulder, unable to beat G2 Esports in the group stage – They currently sit at match point to put Korea into another International final (Only Game 4 Reviewed)

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20 thoughts on “[PapaSmithy VOD Review] MSI 2019 Semi Final: SK Telecom T1 vs G2 Esports Game 4

  1. My opinion on the Gnar pick
    Viktor top is quite good against squishy splitpush champs because it is very hard for them to towerdive Viktor without a minion wave and against Viktor in side-lane a minion wave should never reach the tower in the late game. TheShy showed it against G2 in their second groupstage game (Viktor vs ad Neeko).
    Gnar on the other hand is tanky enough to bully Viktor under a tower. Due to Viktor last pick being an option the Gnar pick was the ideal pick

  2. G2 reminds me so much of rox tigers 2016, remember skt vs rox at worlds semis? Rox were smiling all the way up until they lost. Also somewhat in their playstyle being this explosive and creative type of team with multiple carries. Great review as always pappa!

  3. At 46:30 i assume the comms was teddy saying he has flash and he is going to flash into tahm to devour so matta pre pressed his spell but the ryze prison hit the ashe at that exact time which caused the tahm to turn as he pressed devour on the ashe

  4. Hey papa, love the content, just wanted to point out that the Caps' Ryze ult near the topside inhibitor turret (28th minute of the game) was more impressive than you gave it credit for. If you slow it down/rewatch you can see that the moment they got transported they were about to be pulled from Viktor's W (Airborne text actually appears) near the turret where Teddy could just start melting them due to his hurricane, so it did end up saving them.

  5. really love all the in depth analysis and commentary that you provide. You're ridiculously smart haha . Thanks for all the hard work and keep it up!

  6. Been a huge fan since I first heard you casting in the Oceania League, my favorite caster since then (maybe next to Monte and DoA) as soon as I found your channel started bingewatching the VOD reviews. Great to have extra Papa content besides the casts, best of luck in life!

  7. Just found this review, loving it. So interesting to learn more about the game and especially the draft. Keep it up.
    Greetings from Germany 🙂

  8. Twitch chat was wrong about the Rek'sai tunnel interaction with Braum ultimate.

    If Rek'sai is hard crowd controlled WHEN her tunnel is created, Rek'sai will proceed to travel through her tunnel. Rek'sai will "still be crowd controlled" while passing through the tunnel, and if the duration is long enough, it will continue after Rek'sai exits her tunnel. If Rek'sai is hard crowd controlled while travelling through the tunnel, Rek'sai will be interrupted and will not reach the end of the tunnel.

    IWillDominate explained this very well, and demonstrated it, in his stream a few weeks ago. Rek'sai's tunnel is a two stage ability. The first stage is creating the tunnel, and the second is traveling through it.

    Some examples of other champion abilities with the same interaction to knock-ups (except Poppy's W) in particular are: Warwick's Q (although more recognizable when Warwick's Q is held down); Warwick's ultimate if activated at the same time as being crowd controlled; and Hecarim's E during the damaging portion of the ability.

  9. Papasmithy hinted towards it but i think G2 had the best mid game at MSI. Any team can get a lead early but when G2 gets leads they close out because of their decisive decision making in the mid game. Same for when they get set behind in the early game, they patch it up in the mid game. Many teams tout being an early game team or late game team but few are as clean as G2 in the mid, which is probably the most underrated quality to have as a team in this meta.

  10. Friendly reminder that this review of one 35-minute game is nearly 20 minutes longer than the entire BO5 MSI final. Papa doing blessed work.

  11. I absolutely love your VOD reviews Chris. My only gripe is the mic quality can be a bit hit or miss between streams, maybe a new mic could be a sub/donation goal? Either way I'll keep on watching these amazing reviews, you're the best in the biz.

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