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Bollards & Spotlight review: Thanks to the advent of the LED lighting, and Wi-Fi connectivity, we can have smart, colour changing lighting wherever we go.

Philips Hue Outdoor Light Strip review

Phillips Hue has expanded its popular line of indoor smart lightning to the outdoors. Previously I reviewed their spotlights and bollard lights, now I have my hands on their flexible LED light strip. I’ll talk about where you can use them, how easy they are to set up and install, and what you can do with them when it comes to smart connectivity.

I noticed two things about this kit right away. The light strips themselves are fat and bulky. This is not the same as the indoor light strips which you can basically run flat along any surface. These are about an inch wide and half an inch thick. Think more like rubber tubing then a light strip.

Part of the challenge of installing these will be to tuck them away in a spot where they’re not going to be obtrusive, or catch the toe of your shoe, as they would on a stair.

The other thing, is that it is all one length and does not appear to be trimmable. That means I’m going to need to find an area where I can secure the lights all in one run. A bit of a challenge.

This light strip is available in two separate lengths, a 6.5 foot/2 m link, and a 16.4 foot/5 m length. You’ll want to choose appropriately, because they cannot be trimmed, and they also don’t support being connected to extensions, or to eachother, by the looks.

How to install Philips Hue Outdoor Light Strip

Connecting to Wi-Fi

Setting this light up is as simple as setting up all the other lights in the huge Hue family. A simple matter of downloading the Phillips hue app, signing up for an account or signing into your existing account then choosing Settings, Light Set up, Add Light. The app will search for your lights, provided they’re plugged in, and should find them in under a minute. The app found my new Philips Hue outdoor light strip right away and promptly added it to the app for me. From there, you can assign your lights to a room or a grouping. As I already have several Phillips hue outdoor lights I added the light strip to my outdoor lighting group.

Placement of light strip

If you don’t own your home, and aren’t in a position where you want to drill the clips in for a more permanent installation, you can easily slip this light strip along a wall, garden, or clip it to a railing or eaves. I ran it along the side of my deck behind some furniture to provide ambient deck lighting. Next I tried coiling it up underneath some furniture.

I really wanted it to get wrapped around the front of my deck to create a lovely sharp line of beautiful colored lightning that would also light out main entrance, but the way my deck is built, there’s no real place to clip the lights where are they wouldn’t become a tripping hazard because of their size.

The end, I decided to forgo the permanent installation using the plastic clips and just run the lighting along the lines of my deck and leave it at that. It looks great, and I don’t know if that anyone would know that it wasn’t permanently installed if they didn’t get up really close and take a look. I suppose in theory that because there’s nothing holding these lights down, someone could come along and unplug them and run away with them, but that’s a chance I’ll take for right now.

Will they survive a Calgary, Canada winter? I installed the Hue spotlights and bollards last fall and I can say they ran all winter long, despite a cold snap of -25°C for about a month. I fully expect the light strip will perform just as admirably. The Philips Hue outdoor light strip puts out 1650 lumens. A 100 w bulb by comparison puts out about 1600 lumens. So they’re bright, and I found them quite bright outdoors in dark areas. They provided more than ample illumination for my needs.

Overall I think Philips Hue has another winner when it comes to outdoor lighting. These lights give you a tonne of flexibility, pun intended, they’re easy to install and control, and they look great. If they have a downside, it’s that they’re more like rubber tubing than light strips, and that limits where they can be installed in some cases.

I can definitely recommend these for your outdoor lighting needs. The Philips Hue Outdoor Light Strip costs about $110CAD for the shorter 2m length and $199CAD for the 5m length. You can get them from places like Best Buy or Amazon.

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10 thoughts on “Philips Hue Outdoor Strip Lights review

  1. Awesome Erin! It’s looks very bright. As long it’s doesn’t looks like a runway for the airplane though. 😉😆👍🏻

  2. Hi Erin, I am an apartment dweller so this item would not be something I would purchase. Do think it would be cool for a homeowner to make their house stand out from others on block. Esp cool if you had friends coming over after dark; would make your place easy to find!

  3. Nice review. Since I can't daisy chain them I guess they won't work for my application. With a handheld router, you could recess the lights around the border of your deck easily so they don't trip anyone.

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