PVB vs Vega Game 5 – Mid-Season Invitational 2019: Play-In Knockout Stage – Phong Vũ Buffalo vs Vega Squadron G5
Game Start: 06:33

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7 thoughts on “Phong Vũ Buffalo vs Vega Squadron Game 5 – MSI 2019 Play-In Knockout – PVB vs Vega G5

  1. The translator sucks! He missed so much of important things that Pallete said.
    – In the first question of Riv Pallete thanked their fans for always cheering for them especially after their complete defeat.
    – In the second question, Pallete said "In the previous losses I couldn't totally focus nor actually understand my teamates' play styles or what they really needed. So after the match with TL I organized a team meeting and we talked a lot. After that I understood more about my teamates, their play styles, what they really need and we understood more about others."
    And he said "You know" too much!

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