It’s time we stopped paying Philips Hue’s extortionate prices. I’ve owned Philips Hue lights since before Alexa and Google Home existed, and I’ve always felt that despite the price of Philip’s Hue’s products they were a trusted brand and the best quality smart bulb on the market. I decided to challenge my own beliefs and do a side by side comparison with the far cheaper Novostella bulbs which use the Tuya Smart Life eco-system and don’t require a hub. I did some digging on Tuya to see whether the Smart Life platform is likely to have the same longevity and the same reliability as the much bigger Philips Hue brand, and whether we could trust this platform to keep delivering for our smart home. You will be surprised at what I’ve discovered.

This video gives a side by side comparison on colour reproduction, response time, price, ease of use, and explores integration with other smart home products. This video explains everything that both products can do from IFTTT, to Google Assistant to Amazon Alexa. It will also explain how Philips Hue works, who Tuya are and how their business model operates.

I’ve explored the advantages and disadvantages to a system that doesn’t require a hub, and given thought to the real world impact of a cloud based service and have concluded that spending the extra on Hue is just a massive waste of money. I think the facts are pretty compelling but what are your thoughts on my findings? Do you agree or disagree? If so why?

If you’re looking for a Philips Hue alternative or you’re looking for a Novostella Smart Light Bulb Review then look no further, I’ve got you covered 😉 Novostella produce both B22 LED RGB Alexa Light Bulbs and E27 variants. Both also work with Google Home and IFTTT.

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26 thoughts on “PROOF Philips Hue Is A MASSIVE Waste Of Money

  1. Hey Paul. I love the smartlife bulbs. There are many different ones. I found some on amazon that were warm white and bright!! Is there any info on the brightest smart life bulbs out there? Awesome video

  2. What i would like is to have one single app to control all my different wifi sockets or my light switches. Currently, i have at least 4 different apps installed on my phone. And zigbee can be regrouped in one single app. Plus i want to add temperature sensors and heater control. My idea was to buy only the Philips hub as it works with Razer Synapse and then buy second party zigbee products. Do you have any tips?

  3. I use philips hue in sync with my ambilight tv,maybe I could use cheaper zigbee brand I am not sure, but whatever I use needs to be found by the tv to match with the lights.

  4. Nice vid. Logic 101. Love it
    So i have a philips television with this ambilight. and i want some extra bulps in my flat to go with the tv.
    What to buy ?

  5. I got the start kit (3 bulbs and a hub) for half price, so it was worth it for me. AFAIK other brands will work with the hub, so I might get another bulb or two from a different, cheaper brand in the future.
    Intro was great btw.

  6. Liked the video, but why'd you steal the linus thumbnail? I think you should at least give LMG credit in the description or in a pinned comment.

  7. I do like the idea of Tuya. I got my hue starter kit at a great discount so for now I'm basically locked in. But I do like to see what the other options are and in what ways they improve on what I get from my Hue bulbs. If the price was right and the feature set was good enough I have no problem switching. I'm not that sunk into the cost yet.

    But I do think it's weird how you spend so much time complaining about how the Hue bulbs turn off .3 seconds slower than the Tuya bulbs but then brush off the offline control. That actually kinda cements me against Tuya in my home. I have internet problems all the time. Some afternoons I just can't get online. It's something I'm working on. But to answer the rhetorical question in your video. I lost internet two months ago because of a power out. The power came back on but the internet was down for a day and a half. Power outs happen. Not everyone is in the suburbs with dream internet and all the room they want to drop cable or whatever.

    For the record the price argument is very compelling.

  8. Interesting you mention Ubiquiti UniFi. I upgraded my crappy Virgin Media hub with a UniFi USG, 8 port 150W switch and two NanoHD’s. LifX was my smart-bulb system, which worked flawlessly until UniFi. Trying to add new LifX bulbs was almost impossible at times and don’t even get me started on Apple HomeKit compatibility with them! I recently received a free Hive Hub with a couple of bulbs, to which I added to my environment. Problem solved! Works like a dream and I even added a couple more bulbs last weekend, took me all of 1 minute to set up. I’m now decommissioning all the LifX gear. The problem with Hive is their interface sucks, and the colour control of the bulbs is naff compared to LifX. Therefore I’m considering Philips Hue as an option. So, viewers beware (at least those with a UniFi network), if Tuya is anything like LifX with regards to their individual WiFi controlled bulbs….steer clear! Nice video though 😊

  9. I get what you're saying, but my internet goes down at least three times a week due to living in a rural area. And I use my lights to create atmosphere when I'm playing table top roleplaying games with friends.

  10. There's no way products you compared to Hue are similar and as good as Hue. There is now way! It's like comparing a fully loaded Range Rover to a Dacia Sandero. You talking about delay? Like that matters, half a second delay. Please! And then you say Hue will go bust one day (or could go) haha! You could basically say that about any company that makes electronics or other stuff. Stop acting like you know everything, like you can tell what's going to happen in the future. Philips was making quality stuff years and year ago, when you was running around taking a dump in your panties and years before that so you can't tell them shit. Your video is cringe worthy btw. All the shit little jokes and fake face expressions make me want to vomit.

  11. So further to my previous… my options were to buy 6 E14 (SES) bulbs, ok Ikea do them, and I'd need a hub. So about £70. Instead, I found this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32959281266.html?spm=a2g0s.12269583.0.0.672619c3qjpfnj no neutral required. Took about 5 days to arrive. Uses ewelink and so far so good. Came with a capacitor that had to be fitted in parallel with one of the light chandeliers (easy enough), so a tenner shipped.

  12. Nice thumb nail except Linus did the exact one 7 months ago you just reversed it. There’s even a green glow on your cheek but you deleted the green bulb. Same content in the vid… Come on man.

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