RAVPower FileHub, Wireless Travel Router AC750, Portable SD Card HDD Backup and Data Transmission Unit, 6700mAh External Battery Pack 2019 – $12 off Promo Code: SUWT3FAZ
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Looking for a way to back up files and pictures while on the go? In this unboxing and review we test the RAVPower Filehub V2 2019. The RAVPower FileHub packed with features that make it great for traveling or backing up files. It can also act as an emergency power bank.

The RAVPower FileHub can add storage to nearly any wifi connected device including iPhone, iPad, Chromebook, Macbook, PC Windows 10, Android, Pixel, Moto, Samsung, HTC, Blu and many more.

Pros of the RAVPower FileHub:
• Great build quality! The RAVPower FileHub is very sturdy with well made connectors and buttons. The plastic seems to be very strong as well.
• File sharing and file back up work great! Once the FileHub app is installed it is very easy to back up any files to the Filehub and access them.
• Works great as a travel router. It will quickly create it’s own wifi network from either a wired or wireless connect. This makes it great for just about anywhere including hotels and cruises.
• Built-in battery that allows the RAVPower FileHub to work while your on the go and can charge other USB powered devices. Battery only last ~8 hours.

Cons of the RAVPower FileHub:
• The Bridge travel router mode does not automaticlly start after the device has been turned off and on
• In my testing I was unable to get any files from the FileHub to cast to a Chromecast.
• Internal battery can only power the FileHub for ~8 hours.

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Disclaimer: Thank you to RAVPower for sending me the FileHub for me to test. All of the statements and opinions in this video are my own. Links in this description contain affiliate links.


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24 thoughts on “RAVPower FileHub Review – Wireless Travel Router AC750 – RP-WD009 V2 2019

  1. I have a RAVPower 16000Mah power bank already i want one of these. i have not charged the power bank for 3 months still has full charge awesome brand

  2. Got mine today and it's really cool. Just be aware the 5G mode only works with the ethernet cable connection. This is described in the manual.
    Make sure the WiFi that you want to select in the internet settings doesn't have a hidden SSID! There is no option to connect to a hidden SSID from the FileHub app.

  3. SD > USB isn't a data switch between source. Attach both SD and USB drive/stick and it will backup the data from the SD to the USB drive/stick when pressed.

  4. Hi have you managed to get yours to cast to chromecast yet?
    That was a major reason for my purchase, chromecast comes up for me but wont select

  5. Great Review. Question… Is an external wifi source needed use the RavPower 7 to transfer files on a sd card to my external memory devise? gitnby@gmail.com

  6. How does this compare to DJI Copilot. I know the DJI as a drive but I looking for transfer speed and the app comparison. Anyone as use both?

  7. Yesterday I received the RAV FileHub WD03 and did a first test. 10 GB on SD card to HD copied in 17 minutes,  approx. 10 MB / sec. I had expected a higher performance.

    Does the WD009 reach a higher speed ??

  8. I have iPad Pro 2018 I have so card I have music on it I like to know can I copy and paste and put it into my iPad Pro will this work before I purchase and also can you use this WIFI when someone do not have wifi in their house please help me

  9. i just received mine yesterday it is difficult to turn on, when in turns on wifi dont blink. even resetting the device wont solve the problem. im so disappointed

  10. I purchased the RP-WD009 on 1/15/2019. Mine has a micro USB port for charging. Does yours have the same? The RP-WD007 came with a USB-C.

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