The Liquid Glass Screen Protector.

Durability Test / Drop Test of a Tempered Glass Screen Protector vs Liquid Glass Screen Protector.
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48 thoughts on “The Liquid Glass Screen Protector.

  1. I can't understand how you guys break your phones… never used anything but cases on my phones and never broke a screen… can't quite get how you guys do…

  2. Lmfao… you do know all glass is a liquid… it just moves so slowly we dont notice it.. have you Ever seen a old house and the light warps in the glass… it's because the glass is just dripping abs look it up

  3. I have a liquid screen protector and it is bullshit. My s9 has been a fingerprint magnet after i applied it. Cant say anything about scratch protection, but i dont think its very good, have got few mini scratches

  4. Hey guys do you know how to make unbreakable display read here
    Step 1 buy tempered glass protector
    Step 2 buy 2 liquid glass protectors
    Step 3 apply the first liquid glass protector
    Step 4 apply tempered glass protector
    Step 5 final step apply the second liquid glass protector
    All done you now have the unbreakable glass protector (can you try it actually i want to see if it is a waste of money XD)

  5. That wuz the worst test I've ever seen. Yo should have tested it like jerryrig with the pics cuz that was supper un consistent

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