This experience might be kind of unusual, but the total time we spent in less-traveled roads of Ho Chi Minh totally open our eyes to a different side of life that we never saw about Vietnam on the internet. We get the chance to fully observe the difference in lifestyle and conditions of those in the less developed communities, compared to those living in the urban areas.

This video is about the experience that we explore beyond touristy areas of Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) to observe the slum community guided by local Vietnamese and see the boundary between rich and poor here in Vietnam.
Ho Chi Minh City, also known by its former name of Saigon (Vietnamese: Sài Gòn), is the most populous city in Vietnam. Located in southeast Vietnam, the metropolis surrounds the Saigon River. From 1955 to 1975, Saigon was the capital of the Republic of Vietnam, commonly known as South Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City is the most visited city in Vietnam, with 6.3 million visitors in 2017. Many of the city’s landmarks which are well known to international visitors include the Bến Thành Market, Ho Chi Minh City Hall, Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon, Independence Palace and it’s a popular destination to have the day trip to Cu Chi tunnel and Mekong delta.
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23 thoughts on “This Is Life In SLUM OF SAIGON – NEVER Expecting This In Vietnam 🇻🇳

  1. Thank-you for showing both sides of vietnam, like every country there's the upper and then middle to lowest class!
    But the southernese is the most humble! I'd visit or help the indigenous and poor villages any day!

  2. We had the same girl as out tour guide in Saigon for the night tour. She is adorable and super friendly! Highly recommended!

  3. You won't know everything about Vietnam? truly Vietnam you want to know ? than google this in google > wickedviet guide <

  4. Key-words for searching the most outstanding places in Vietnam :
    1. Islands:

    Côn Đảo ; Phú Quốc ; Lý Sơn, Cam Ranh, Bình Ba, Bình Hưng, Điệp Sơn ,Đảo Yến Hòn Nội, ,Cù lao Chàm , Đảo Nam Du, Hòn ông đảo cá voi, Cát bà.

    2. Best beaches on islands

    Bãi Nhát ( Côn Đảo ), Bãi Suối Nóng ( Côn Đảo ), Hòn Cao ( Côn Đảo ), Bãi Sao ( Phú Quốc ), Bãi Khem ( Phú Quốc ), Bãi ông Lăng ( Phu Quoc ) , Nam Du ( Phu Quoc ), Dao Be ( Ly son ) , Bai Kinh ( Binh Hung), Bai Nom ( Binh Ba ),

    3. Coastal Cities :

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    5. Best Bays

    Ha Long Bay, Lang Co bay, Nha Trang bay, Ninh Van bay, Van Phong bay, Cam Ranh bay, Vinh Hy bay.

    6. Highland cities/towns

    Sapa, Da Lat, Ha Giang, Cao bang.

    7. Ancient cities/towns :

    Hoi An, Dong Van, Hue

    8. Beautiful valley

    Mai Chau, Muong Thanh, Bắc Sơn

    9. Caves:

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  5. I lived in Viet Nam for over 12 years and saw the socio-economic divide in that country first hand on several occasions; beggars literally live a few blocks from some of the pricier areas of Sai Gon. Still most of the people there are cheerful if not somewhat resigned to their collective fates..

  6. Part of my family is northern Vietnamese. I love Vietnam. We are not the same as the rest of south east Asia and we are not the same as Chinese.

  7. Loving your videos, I’m off to Cambodia and Vietnam early next year and your story telling is making me more excited. Well done guys.

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