TRAVEL REVIEW | Majestic Elegance Punta Cana Review | Travel Vlog | dominican republic 2019

TRAVEL REVIEW | Majestic Elegance Punta Cana Review | Travel Vlog | Punta Cana 2019 | YouTube Travel

The spectacular Majestic Elegance Punta Cana 5 star deluxe hotel is located on the paradisiacal Bavaro Beach and with all-inclusive service, offers a unique experience to travellers looking for a sophisticated holiday in the Caribbean.

Unfortunately, it was reported in May 2019 that a woman from Delaware who was staying at this resort was brutally assaulted and left for dead by a resort male staffer.

You can read that story here:

Majestic Elegance Punta Cana offers a perfect combination of comfort, nature, pristine beaches, exclusive services and personalized high-quality treatment.

See my Photos from Majestic Elegance Punta Cana Here:

Majestic Elegance Punta Cana is specially designed for couples, families and groups who want to relax, enjoy a privileged environment, play sports, relax in the Spa, enjoy excellent gastronomy, enjoy spectacular Caribbean rhythm shows, play golf on one of the many courses in the area, go shopping as well as being the ideal destination got both your private or corporate events. It also has an exclusive Elegance Club aimed at adult audiences, with accommodation and personalized services for its guests.

The Majestic Elegance Punta Cana 5 star deluxe hotel is located in Arena Gorda (Playa Bavaro) 25kms / 15 miles away from the Punta Cana International Airport, 45 minutes from La Romana International Airport and 1hour 45minutes from Santo Domingo’s International Airport “Las Americas”. The Historic City of Santo Domingo can be easily reached by road in about 2 hrs.

There are several natural parks near Majestic Elegance Punta Cana for outdoor lovers such as Los Haitises, and several semi deserted islands such as Saona Island and Catalina Island. For those interested in a mix of native culture and modernity, Altos de Chavon in La Romana and of course the city of Santo Domingo are a must.

I visited the Majestic Elegance with my wife in March of 2019, we stayed in the Elegance Club, Adults Only section of the club.

We found the staff to be very friendly, always helpful and always greeted you with a smile and “Hola”

Our male Butler “Joan” was extremely attentive and made a point to find us at least once every day to see how we are doing and if we needed anything. He brought wine to our room when requested, he surprised us on a rainy day with a hot jacuzzi, cole champagne and rose pedals.

We did find the water on most days to be only luke warm, making for quick showers but as the week progressed the water seemed to get warmer.

The Majestic club pool and private beaches were perfect, secluded and relaxing, always a chair and hut available, never having to wake up early to claim a spot. The bartenders were swift and friendly and the drinks amazing, I personally recommend the Coco Loco.

Our favourite restaurants were the Italian and the Steak House, least favourite (for dinner) was See and Sea, we both had the Sea Bass which was a very small and dry portion. However, the appetizers (at all restaurants) were huge, far larger than one would expect.

Premium drinks at served at the main lobby bars (Patron Tequila) and standard drinks are served at all other bars.

The animation staff were excellent ESPECIALLY during the rainy days, they set up games in the lower lobby for all guests to play and take part in to keep us occupied while the rest of the resort was soaked!

The foam party was a highlight of the week, we had a smaller one at the Elegance pool and the one at the main pool looked like they were having a real blast!

Be sure to watch the whole video for my comprehensive review on the entire resort.

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27 thoughts on “TRAVEL REVIEW | Majestic Elegance Punta Cana Review | Travel Vlog | dominican republic 2019

  1. See my Photos from Majestic Elegance Punta Cana Here:

    Be sure to sub my second channel – the Adventures of Freaktography VLOG

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  2. I came here because of the news about Tammy Lawrence that savagely attacked in Punta Cana & Maryland couple that murdered in the hotel room, here in DR.

    Do you still want to go to DR? Think twice!!!

  3. I’ll never ever go again. This place was sketchy. We stayed at the new elegance and it was creepy and bizarre. Weirdos. Be ware. They give you a “Butler” who has entry to your room AT ALL TIMES!! When I heard about the woman who was brutally attacked by a worker here and almost murdered, I BELIEVED IT 100%. Please please pay the extra $300 for a nice resort. Please
    Be safe

  4. We came to this resort 2 Year’s ago but last year went to a different resort with our daughter in Punta Cana .we coming back to majestic in August with our 13 year old daughter .we fell in love with the people they place was fantastic

  5. So my fiancé and I are going to the Dominican Republic next month, never been and wondering what strength of SPF to bring?! I burn fairly easily and my fiancé doesn’t.. any suggestions?!

  6. My husband and I stayed at this resort June 15-June 20 along with two other couples. We debated on whether to cancel or not due to the news and social media. Needless to say we went and let me tell you it was an AMAZING experience. The staff were very attentive and not once did we feel unsafe. You gotta be wise when ever you vacation. Don’t go around by yourself late at night looking for a snack for goodness sake or like that one guy who won at the casino and was walking back alone and got jumped. I’m not saying it’s the victims fault AT ALL but use some common sense. We had a marvelous time and I’m glad we didn’t cancel.

  7. I stayed here and it is beautiful and this has reminded me why I shouldn’t feel so bad about being stupid and walking home alone. It was my first night and a beautiful place that gives you false security. There are so many good people there, but bad too. I did come into contact with a “security” person that probably doesn’t work there but watches for women walking home alone. I was approached after Blacking out on a 3 minute walk home from the entertainment for the evening. I had made some friends from Canada in the bar and they came upon me while I was “passed out”. I think they stopped whatever was going on. ❤️ I was too embarrassed to speak up the next day and I think I was very lucky. I only lost my purse, had a bump on my head and a twisted ankle. Just be with someone always if you go there.

  8. I searched for this resort to see if there were any vlogs about it. I was trying to explain where i went for my honeymoon to ppl. This video helps.

  9. I've been there in 2011. I loved the all you can places and they had a theme every night. The food is very good.
    I like the entertainment.
    I liked how they had a family resort, a couples resort and a more calm resort.
    The Majestic is a dangerous drink especially in the swim up bar. We had the all inclusive package.
    We went after hurricane season. it only rained once and kinda drizzled on another day. But, the rain didn't bother us because it was warm.

  10. How I found your channel? The news. I heard once you sleep there, you wake up with one kidney missing. 😉

    Great Review By the Way!

  11. Woman recounts brutal attack at Majestic Elegance, an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana, Punta Cana-Bávaro-Veron-Macao Municipal District, Higüey Municipality, La Altagracia Province, Dominican Republic

    Yahoo Now Alex Lasker,Yahoo Now Tue, Jun 4 6:36 AM

  12. Pensamos quedarnos en este hotel, pero con lo que hemos leído, desistimos de la idea. Nada que ver. Iremos a otro hotel. Mejor precaver, que tener que remediar. Gracias.

  13. They allow staff to murder and rape people here. The resort won't even refund you afterwards. Yeah, have a nice vacation.

  14. I feel so sorry for this person just sharing a video of his vacation. Left his alone he was not the attacker of the lady. Go and attack her husband that I am pretty sure it’s the one to blame

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