I’m back with another video! I’m so happy with the pulled today! Anyways enjoy and if you’re interested in trading or purchasing, hit me up @bluemoonv1295. Xoxo ☺️💜

PS. Purchased everything from bighit USA website.
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  1. I’m so confused who the frick is your bias? Is it tae or jungkook? In your username it has v in it but when you get jungkooks photocard u fan girl more

  2. i dont know if you’re willing to or if you have but would you want to trade photocards? i have two taehyung for the New York concert dvd, and i see you have jk… would you want to trade :)) sorry this is like really random 😂

  3. Sorry but she makes me cringe. I love them too but this is why people hate out fandom, because people make a big deal and embarrass themselves like this. Here comes the comments saying just go watch someone else. Sorry I really don’t mean to be mean but the way you acted when you saw tae. That’s what gives us a bad name and why everyone thinks we are crazy and are unhealthy obsessed.

  4. Hi! I love your unboxing videos 💜
    Can you tell me if the DVDs come with the QR code?
    Thank you and sorry for my English 🙂

  5. 13:26 , i have a question. Is suga in the maknae line? Cause i thought it was hyung line: jin , rm , jhope , suga and then maknae line:kookie , v , Jimin

  6. It’s been almost 9 months since Citi Field (New York). I miss them honestly, and I want to remember every part of it, but I can’t cause it’s hard. I couldn’t stop crying that night and I’m low-key gonna cry while watching the dvd. I honestly remember this camera being really close to me (5 feet away), and I want to see if I’m in it cause that’ll be fun.

    Answer: Love Myself
    I’m gonna be a mess, I can’t listen to that song without crying and remembering the blurry memories. There’s this warm feeling when I hear the song. I didn’t record Answer because I really just wanted to be in the moment. It’s exciting, can’t wait.

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