Tri Ton Market is located in Tri Ton District, An Giang Province, Vietnam.
The market sells many agricultural products, seafood of the local. The traders are fun, friendly to visitors.
I would like to invite you to visit Tri Ton Market to see the market price and shopping.

Vietnam village market, Vietnam rural market, Vietnam market price.
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This video was made through my perspective as a tourist, only intended to record the beauty of the countryside, the daily life of the people where I have come across.

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  1. Clip Anh quay rõ ràng chi tiết , cảm ơn Anh Thuận đã bỏ công sức ra làm clip cho mọi người cùng xem . Chúc Anh mạnh khoẻ vui vẻ .😍💕

  2. verry good video …!!!
    verry nice video…thank ./you ı want to see more people in video..
    i always come to ur channel to get hungry

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