Visiting PATTAYA THAILAND: More than Walking Street Nightlife? (HONEST REVIEW)

Pattaya Thailand is famous for it’s CRAZY nightlife on the infamous Walking Street. But I was more interested in the best place to stay in Pattaya to live comfortably and get some work done. As well as some secret spots and hidden gems in the city.

We spent a week in Jomtien Beach, an area that is popular with retirees, expats and digital nomads: thanks to it’s affordability of accommodation, weekend market and cool cafes.

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0:13 – Pattaya Walking Street
Walking Street Pattaya is the biggest and busiest party hotspot in the whole of Thailand. Nightclubs, go-go bars and plenty of “freelancers” soliciting clients. Not for the faint of heart!

1:02 – A Tour of Jomtien Beach
Jomtien or Jomtien Beach is a technically a separate town to Pattaya City. Home to high-rise condominiums, beach side hotels, beaches, and restaurants – it’s much less chaotic than Pattaya, making it very popular with tourists and expats. In this section we take a look at the cost of living, accommodation options and the beach. Also highlighting the recent Russian influence on the area.

3:19 – How To Use The Baht Bus
The Pattaya Baht Bus or Songthaew is a covered, dark blue pickup truck with open sides and seats along each side. There are hundreds of baht buses in Pattaya and they run 24 hours a day. So you never have to wait long for the next one. It’s the best way to get around the city and cheaper than Grab!

4:20 – Jomtien Beach Night Market and Pattaya Weekend Market at Sukumvit Road
The best markets in Pattaya for street food and souvenirs.

5:03 – Best Cafes to Work From in Pattaya, Jomtien
Places that I have been using to work from in Jomtien including Anchor Co-working. Space, Redhill Coffee and Sketchbook Art Cafe.

6:28 – My final thought about Living in Pattaya Thailand
Will I come back?

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27 thoughts on “Visiting PATTAYA THAILAND: More than Walking Street Nightlife? (HONEST REVIEW)

  1. You forgot to say about the gay part of it all the old expat queens with the young
    guys .
    Try Hua Hin if you won't to see class Thai life and good expats keeps the
    vlogs coming.

  2. I have heard this over and over that Thailand is not very clean. What was your impression of it? Do you feel like all that money from tourism is poured back into the community or not really?

  3. Loved the music choices in this video mate! Certainly doesn't look like a place I'd like to visit so thanks for doing it for me 😂👍

  4. Ok, by 'Walking Street', the first thing that came to mind was 'street walker', which when growing up in Malaysia is basically the thing that Pattaya is associated with 😉 That weekend market looks like a smaller (?) version of Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok.

  5. Again, well done! Your editing style and story telling is very TV worthy! I won't be surprised if you get offered your own TV channel one day! What was funny was first your intro to walking street and then your channel name…made me chuckle.

  6. Love your photography & editing, have looked countless videos in the last weeks on Jomtien area. Seemed to get there from Calif. & stay a bit was reasonable cost, so booked it without much investigation. I had heard Thailand was relatively safe for women & it was on the beach. Yours gave me hope that it wasn’t going to be a total bust. Saw your video on Bangkok too & I can visit there a few days too, not too far to go back & forth in a day. Spa-see-ba, phonetic spelling of thank you in Russian☺️

  7. Looks like our kind of a deal for your room there, ha 😉 Do you know why there is such a heavy Russian appeal? We LOLed at the paddling pool! I would like to hang on to the back of a baht bus while riding my skateboard–that'd be fun! How were you dividing your time here between work and exploring/filming? We liked the better b-roll bit; maybe I should try that technique! 😄 Dirty beaches make us so sad/mad…

  8. We're so glad you caught your first big break with this video. 34k views 🤑🤑🤑. That's awesome when the hard work starts paying off! Congratulations 🥂🥂🥂!

  9. Oooh, the secret garden cafe looks wonderful. I love inexpensive transportation! Looks like a great city to stay for awhile and explore. Maybe not the best beaches, but at least they have one 🙂 New sub here!

  10. ooo I definitely want to visit sketchbook cafe looks wonderful! Isn't it great when your opinion can be completely wrong? I love that about travel ^.^ Beautiful camera work and editing this was a really nice vlog.

  11. Night Markets in Asia are the best! Still don't understand why we didn't copy that in Europe yet. And that Baht Bus looks like a good mode of transport.

  12. another city with very unexpected outcome! wow these different cafes look so homey, you can definitely get good work done here!

  13. Pattaya is one reason I always kept Thailand off my list, now I know there is much more through YT. Baht bus!!! Cafes look great though.

  14. I love your editing style. Very engaging. And I have been to Thailand 5 times and never made it to Pattaya. Looks like a good time.

  15. Thanks for sharing a side of the city I didn't expect to see, The coffee shops looked like amazing places to work from.

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