Wasp Nano RDA by Oumier Review

Join me for some vaping action as I review the Wasp Nano RDA by Oumier. A great low profile RDA with excellent flavor and vapor production.
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17 thoughts on “Wasp Nano RDA by Oumier Review

  1. It's the only rda i own. I've got two of them… They're awesome! I'm a tank man but I really enjoy this rda. Great review as always Andy!

  2. They have a new RDA called the Armadillo RDA its a dual coil RDA with a cool looking build deck that would work great for regular and larger series builds. I seen it on 3FVape!

  3. Looks like they upgraded the cap on the gold one, I had the same one but my top cap was just regular ultem. I like that one better for sure🤘🏼🤪

  4. I like that one for my personal not too bad single coil action alot of vapor and good taste plus the color is rad….i can get by without the drip tip its a all out good rda!

  5. All of the other reviewers are saying that it is against youtube policy to put the links in the description now, I just thought I would mention that, because you mite want to check that.

  6. Right here witchu brotha man!! Thanks for your time and opinion on this product. Keep da clips on and Poppin son!! 👊1💙1👊

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