36 thoughts on “멍뭉상 강다니엘 VS 조각미남 뷔 (feat. 성형외과 전문의)

  1. 강다니엘은 걍 애들이 좋아하는상임.열애설이후 인기급추락했음. 하지만 명성보다 사랑을택한거는 용기있는 행동 이었다.

  2. I get how y’all think Tae is beautiful (I’m an ARMY) but we shouldn’t compare them 💜 They are both equally beautiful. Also it is rude to say that “you cant compare the two obviously its Taehyung, blah blah blah,” because you are basically saying that Taehyung is better and Daniel is ugly. I get how the ARMY is a huge fan base so many ARMYs are going to be commenting, but don’t say that Daniel isn’t comparable to Tae because Tae is a god or whatever. I even see people arguing that Tae is the best visual of BTS and the others can’t compare to him, I see some solo stans 😔 please just appreciate that they are both very talented, kind, handsome young men 💜

  3. Everyone is talking about Tae and I love that since he’s one of my favourite people in the world, but can we talk about how handsome Kang Daniel is????

  4. Everyone talking about taehyung makes me sad like give my baby daniel some love too😔 both of them are equally beautiful

  5. Yes V has a perfect face but it's not fair to compare anyone to him. Even Jimin and JK aren't as handsome but both of them and DK are incredibly popular.

  6. Taehyung was the most handsome face of 2017… And he is still
    He is a great dancer
    A perfect singer… he have a really deep voice
    He got ABS…. maybe
    Soft hair …and a cute boxy smile

    He is the best <3

  7. Tbh if either of them have gotten plastic surgery it doesnt matter because its 2019 and people do what makes you happy as long as it's not harmful💕

  8. V's visual does not look typically Korean to start with. I'm wondering about his DNA, what other ancestry he has in his blood other than Korean?

  9. OMG THAT'S WHY I THOUGHT DANIEL WAS CUTE AND SEXY AT THE SAME TIME!!! I always wondered how a same person can have such different vibes

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