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15 AMD X570 Boards Tested: Aorus Master, MSI ACE, ASUS Hero & Asrock Gaming X

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25 thoughts on “15 AMD X570 Boards Tested: Aorus Master, MSI ACE, ASUS Hero & Asrock Gaming X

  1. Please note the Aorus Master heatsinks are connected by a heatpipe, it's a flat pipe on the underside. Sorry for any confusion. Also yes I said Asus Master at one point, Asus, Aorus, same thing.

  2. Any chance you're going to test some X370, B450 and X470 boards. Or is the 3900x and 3950x just a no go with those boards?

  3. There is a redemption deal on the msi ace, you can claim a free 240mm coolermaster aio when you buy one, which is a really nice free bee.

  4. Why oh why is NO ONE reviewing the MSI Creation?!?!? It is the $499 board for content creation. I know that MSI is having some issues, but this one is supposed to be the MSI version of the WS board.

  5. Does the MSI x570 Pro Carbon escape this problem like the Ace does? Where is the line drawn on poor thermal performance in their range?

  6. Pretty happy with my Taichi, don't think anyone really needs to spend more than 280$ on a motherboard to be honest…

  7. Please make the same test with some x470 boards so we could see how the older high end vrms compare to the new ones. Keep up the good work!

  8. so please which one is the best for ryzen 3700x

    gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite

    asus TUF Gaming X570or
    msi x570 mpg gaming pro carbon wifi

  9. In regard to the MSI ACE, 4 SATA ports are actually too many. With 3 M.2 drives why would anyone need to mess up their rig with SATA cables? I haven't used a SATA drive in over 3 years.

  10. Hello guys I am planning to buy a motherboard that would be compatible with ryzen 3 to 5 (3000 series). Are B450 motherboards enough for this kind of cpu's/apu's?


  11. Any issues with running a Ryzen 5 2600 on a X570 MB? Newegg had an awesome bundle for $210 for a 2600 and an Asus Prime X570-P board. I wanted a 3600, but I felt the value was too good and I can just wait a year on the 4000 series.

  12. One point worth mention: MSI X570 board's chipset position is a lot lower than the other two, thus avoid the VGA card to almost block the fan intake like other boards.
    I have Asus Crosshair VIII Hero, and my VGA card in PCIe slot 1 completely blocks the fan hole, result in increased chipset temp. I had to move the card to 2nd PCIe slot 🙁 (don't want to use riser)
    Now my case is not very nice looking :'(

  13. is the x570 the only motherboard recommended or compatible with the ryzen 3rd gen series without negatively affecting the apu's performance?

  14. I am new so please excuse me if I missed it.
    Have you done a review of the 450 and/or 470 motherboards?
    Specifically ones that work with windows 7 [a few do.]
    Thanks 🙂

  15. Steve, what CPU cooler are you using? And what cpu temperatures do you get with 1.4V 4.3GHz? I have tried a Corsair H115i Pro (pump at 2800RPM and 2500RPM 120mm fans) but my 3900x is getting 105C within 15minutes, which was much higher than the VRM at 62C (HWInfo64 software readings). BTW my cpu could not cope at 4.3GHz so I had to step down to 4.2GHz but power consumption was just as high (205-215W in HWInfo64 running Prime95 v26.6 12K FFTs).

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