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46 thoughts on “15 things you should never say to a streamer

  1. Also sorry for the wrong caption at 5:40! I edit my own videos and re-watch them several times before posting, but sometimes I don't catch every mistake! 🙁

  2. Hey maddy! Thought I talk about the thing you said about girl streamers having it easier. First off, I’ve watched a lot of your videos and I know you are not one of those girls that just gets views for being a girl. But I feel like being a girl streamer does help! In a good way that is. I know you don’t show your body or anything and that’s good! But it does a little now and especially when I was younger as a guy watching a girl play games I always thought it was super cool! In a way that’s like a girl is enjoying the same thing that I do that the majority I’d presume is mostly a male based thing. Also, on the other side if a girl viewer tunes in she can also relate to you because she is also a girl and she can automatically bond with you from that. So, in other words what I’m trying to say from this comment is when people say stuff like that on the internet try to see the good side of it so you don’t get down on yourself so you can entertain the other viewers and keep growing yourself! Love the vids maddy keep it up❤️

  3. Maddy is just a really great streamer . Not because she’s a girl but she’s just a really good entertaining, hard working person💙

  4. Great video Maddy! I had no idea you dealt with all this negativity and just wanted to reach out and say you're doing a great job and I appreciate it!
    Keep it up!

  5. When someone asks why they were timed out, they are either: 1. hoping nobody responds so they can then claim they were timed for no reason, and/or 2. trying to express that they feel their comment was appropriate and thus not worthy of a time out. The purpose for timing them is to teach them that what they are doing is wrong, so when they express that they think it is appropriate, it's like saying they require another lesson because they haven't learned anything

  6. One thing I think that shouldn’t be said on stream is “Can I be a kid”. Especially when they donate asking for mod. Ahhhh

  7. i followed u bc you're entertaining and a god at fortnite and i like you and you're adorable but i also wanted to support u and give u all the love bc you're hmm. my gender. i guess. i dont know i feel like i always wanna support girls more .(i definitely wouldn't support someone only because they're a girl. i'd look at their personalities, mindsets and gameplay. and other things.) now i don't know if i should keep doing that or not. i'm sorry if it was offensive i really didn't mean to offend anyone.

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