Here is the link for the Arylic Up2Stream
Up2stream Pro:

Up2stream amp 2.0:

Arylic store :
US Amazon:

FB Services Account:

Arylic Facebook Page:

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13 thoughts on “Arylic up2stream pro multi format wifi bluetooth audio streamer review

  1. 24 bit flac support, Nice!. That I2s output will come in handy for adding spdif and experimenting with various dacs.

  2. This looks like a pretty interesting device. However, that I2S output is a deal breaker for me; I'm not about to hack the I2S bus of any of my DACs. This device needs asynchronous USB output.

  3. 19:53 had me laughing so loud. This seems like a very cool thing to have. I like BT and dislike it. Play some music over it, get a whatsapp or whatever and everyone hears it. Only if someone would make a nice suitable housing for it then it would be perfect to take along or place it somewhere safely.

  4. …… Well done Mate, these devices have advanced so much. Ideal for updating older equipment.
    P.S. My 4stream was removed when I was a baby !

  5. I like stuff like this but sometimes the companies go under and then the app stops working. I had a device that could make an iphone or a droid a remote controll and then the company went under. The app stopped working and you couldnt get remote codes any more.

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