Asmongold Plants 1000 TREES! Gets DESTROYED by Other Tree Planting Streamers!

Asmongold Plants 1000 TREES! Gets DESTROYED by Other Tree Planting Streamers! WoW Classic


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26 thoughts on “Asmongold Plants 1000 TREES! Gets DESTROYED by Other Tree Planting Streamers!

  1. This is stupid. The forests in the United States are 11 times denser than a healthy forest. That's why we have so many forest fires, because we don't maintain our forests by clearing underbrush and thinning the trees. We have way too many trees. And those people ruined that park. Tell McConnel to shut up. He has no idea what he's talking about. Plants consume 60% of the oxygen they create, and forest microbes consume the rest. Due to this fact, every biome on Earth is pretty close to zero in the net amount of oxygen it provides. The biggest contributor to Earth's oxygen supply comes from phytoplankton in the ocean, not trees. Zero percent of our oxygen supply comes from trees.

  2. There rationale is totally stupid trees are a natural renewable resource even fires bring new forests growth however sometimes human activity has destroyed habitats around the world but trees also need co2 which comes from oxygen breathing life and volcanic activities mostly.

  3. idk how big those trees are gonna be, but man they seem pretty close imo,
    we got two trees in the front yard, and theyre spaced about the same distance as these in the videos,
    gonna be a thiccc ass forest

  4. 19:05 McCool is right on that, I went to Dallas last year, to Lewisville specifically and the first thing you see is this "mountain", whenever you ask locals for it you find out is a fucking dumpster. The US has the geography to get landscapes as awesome as those from other northern countries but its population preferred to destroy them and live among shit.

  5. Anyone notice thats a park or something where someone has been cutting the lawn
    Some guy is going to come back and be like wtf has someone done to my field

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