31 thoughts on “Asmongold Reacts To Forum RAGE Over Streamer Privilege

  1. yea it is privilege, but I get it why people who has some followers are getting it, it is just to promote it, sad thing is people are actually so hooked on these people, because let´s be real they are just normal people, I think it is stupid but what ever demand creates offer

  2. To prove that this lv100 Gnome Mongoloid is a Baised hypocrite, he qualified the last one under his impression opinion.

  3. This is just the "give it to me now" babies crying. Do they not realize that once the beta is over their characters are gone? They dont even want to beta test. They just want to play the game. Fucking grow up and learn to have some patience. Instead of judging everyone that got into the beta against yourself to try to prove you were more "worthy" than them.

  4. People complaining for a Beta where you can only level up to 30 instead of waiting for the full released game like wtf

  5. Wow I havent heard some of the instults he used since I was in middle school like 10+ years ago… Steaming sure keeps you young lol

  6. That pos only resubbed so he could get a beta key then make videos and make money. “I was also going to thank blizzard”. Stfu 15:40

  7. Back in the day there was a more sane way of giving beta and stuff access. Streamers is a new layer of merchandising, it's more a marketing campain than a beta test.

  8. I dont really care what the reasoning or idea is. This is litterally a fan driven endeavor. People who played in vanilla and still have an active account should get insta access, i dont care about marketing shill bullcrap. What about rewarding loyal customers? Where did good customer service go to?

    Secondly if you are beta testing a new game, you are looking for obvious glitches. Wow classic is different you are beta testing the game to make sure it resembles the old game as much as possible. How in the hell are you going to get this "testing" done if you invite 90% people who didnt play the original? how are they going to know what is right and wrong, what is bug or not.
    Granted people might not remember every little bug or features from 15 years ago. But they are going to remember ALOT more than someone like Poki who never played it at all.. Or someone who started in TBC or wrath.

    This makes no sense to me. I lowkey expected an invite, i have played since vanilla beta. And have an active sub today. Somehow poki is more qualified to help blizzard make sure Wow classic is as close to vanilla wow as possible, than i am.

    Might seem selfish and demanding. But i work with customer support, sales and marketing as my job. Even if you just want the marketing aspect filled. You are going to upset very loyal customers, by not rewarding them for being loyal. And loyal customers( ambassadors) are waaaay more valuable to any company, than a new shill.

    It is fine they want to do marketing on the classic product, but come on. Give your more loyal customers some credit, they are the best people to test it, and they have proven to be incredibly loyal.
    How is this not a no brainer

  9. We don't hate the streamers. We hate the hordes of neckbeards that will fuck your life over if you do not bow down when the streamer comes through. Want to open the gates of AQ? NOPE only streamers will get to do that. Want that silver node? You may get it but then you are fucked. its like speaking out against hillary clinton with information that proves her foundation has done horrible things. You will die a horrible death in irl and it will be labeled a suicide. I really do hope there are alot of vanilla shards or its back to private servers for me.

  10. i use to play on same server as Asmond gold , i thought about joining after watching you Bro . but nope not going to go back to wow

  11. Streamers are not healthy for the beta test. We need people classified to improve the game, not random guys with a huge fan base… immagine a lot of fortnite chids in wow . The end is become …

  12. I guess that one good thing about being in Europe is we don't have to play on sodapoppin and asmongolds server.
    but if I did I'll make a guild to snipe streamers all day muahahahaah

  13. And hold the fuck up, dude says Sodapoppin is one of the most qualified to be in the beta while complaining about other streamers as being toxic. Sodapoppin.. the immature child like gamer who has always been toxic af and a thick cloud of drama around him and his girl. What a joke… thats how you know this has to be some random kid on the forum

  14. I understand why they are mad random streamers are getting invites over themselves but its a simple business model. Its about free advertisement for Classic and at the same time itll give insight about what people who arent really into wow, how are they going to react and if they will enjoy WoW Classic. Its simple and its alright lmao, ive played since the start of BC and i quit after legion and only recently returned after all this footage of The BETA came out. Im not going to hate any streamers who get in over someone like me, atleast it gives me a chance to watch their streams and see how the Classic server is going. Ill just patiently watch these streams and just wait for the full release and enjoy the game at that point.

  15. Vanilla died because blizzard killed it. I don't trust them to remake the game. They will just ruin it again like they always do.

  16. I started playing wow again just because classic was coming out. I played in BC though :/
    I can’t wait for classic to come out.

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