Asmongold watches the latest “theScore esports” video article about none other than himself, the metaphorical god who has become the face of Twitch and Classic WoW, nobody can now stop our mald boi…

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15 thoughts on “Asmongold Reacts To “The Neckbeard Streamer Dominating Twitch” – theScore esports

  1. Whenever he starts talking I always skip 20 seconds and it’s perfect he stops then. And then the video he’s watching plays lmao. I don’t always do that but when I do I drink 🍷

  2. "I single handedly brought back classic WoW" lol, what a massive ego he as. No he didn't single handedly bring back classic WoW, he played a part in but it wasn't because of him, soda and other bigger streamers/ YouTubers back then we're making more noise about it because they were bigger than him.

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