14 thoughts on “Asmongold Talks About Unpleasant Viewer Attraction From Classic & Streamer Privilege Forum Post

  1. Ho boy these leech videos are getting worse, only the first minute was even relevent the rest was just padding for as revenue.

  2. Yeah, because people in an online video game don't have ANY freedom to chose what to do in that game, and MUST obey a streamer/influencer because it's not their fault that they're too weak willed to think or act for themselves.


  3. Epic Items on reserve for him? What a piece of shit. Why would ANYONE want to be in that dudes guild? Just to be in video's? Gimmie a fucking break.

  4. There is a difference between someone well known getting a shit ton of free shit versus some rando sending you mail and you are some rando yourself.

    If some rando i dont sends me gold ill accept it because i myself am a rando no one knows. But if I was well known I dont think accepting it is alright. Because you know the reason they are sending it, they want recognition.

  5. people can do with their gold what they want, i actually dont see why you would have problem with that. jealous?
    because in what way it effects you that hes accepting the gold. its his choice, his wow experience.
    if you dont like that, thats your personal problem. but instead of just accepting that he made that choice, people are creating dumb threads and talking shit and getting riled up.
    if someone can explain that to me,feel free to do.

  6. Asmongold taking gold from his followers is pretty funny. The people to get mad at are dummies who give it to him. Not the guy asking.

  7. I don't see any issue with streamer privilege in a video game. Is Asmongold or any other streamer wants to discount their achievements in a video game, then power to them. Don't see how that affects me or anyone else. It's like seeing someone with a store mount in retail wow, no one takes that as an achievement of anything, so why not just let them be.

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