“Best Of Twitch #63 Pewdiepie & Jack Black Streaming | Asian Streamer Stalked | Alinity Brief Update” video series that I create every two days, note that my channel name has a word daily in it, but after getting demonetized I switched to commentary and news type of content, where I provide more editing and recording my own voice.

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41 thoughts on “Best Of Twitch #63 Pewdiepie & Jack Black Stream | Asian Streamer Stalked | Trainwrecks On Alinity

  1. So what I realized is that asmongold is retarded. True, she didn't unhinged her jaw and bird feed it but she did open her lips wide enough to spit some in the cat's mouth. It's like if you're drinking juice through a straw, that small but still enough and for anyone that said she didn't, let me asked you this, how do you know if she didn't?

  2. I'm bummed I missed that pokelawls stream. I started watching it but the 1st like 30 mins was spent trying to get his vr headset to work and he wasn't really talking so I left

  3. Asmongold is retarded no questions asked. Please dont give him anymore attention so he can rage end stream for his viewcount

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