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A CAUCASIAN man has had his jaw shaved down, along with numerous other surgeries, to look like his Korean boyband idol. Oli London first hit headlines in February 2019 after news broke that he’d spent over £75,000 on surgeries to look like K-pop star, Jimin from Korean boyband BTS. In June 2019 Oli went back to Korea to have more surgery done on his face. The 29-year-old had a total of five surgeries with Dr Yun Chang Woon at View Plastic Surgery assisted by Medictel Korea; rhinoplasty, alarplasty, mandible angle reduction (v line jaw surgery), zygoma reduction (cheek bone reduction), and genioplasty with T osteotomy (chin contouring). He has now had over 15 surgeries and has spent an estimated £125,000 to acheive his dream look.

Video Credits:
Videographer / director:
Daniel Smukullia (Day 1)
Jackson Tritt (Day 2)
Marcus Cooper (Day 3)

Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote
Editor: Sonia Estal

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37 thoughts on “Caucasian to Asian: My Jaw Bone Surgery To Look Korean | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

  1. After you got your plastic surgery you look like a jimin zombie !!!!!!!!and jimin hates you now cause jimin likes natural beauty and not fake beauty

  2. 2:11 Frenchy?? From Rock of Love😂
    Well, she looks the same if not slightly better than in…what 2007?
    She has implants proportional to her frame and chilled out on super over filling her lips
    Good for her🧐

  3. Umm i do t see korean at all .what a waste of money and pain and we'll the more surgeries the less your bones and cartiledge will hold up to the surgeries purpose and yes they tell u this first surgery til they will do no more due to legalities and well just beong honest ..MJ is a prime example his plastic surgeon should have been sued they screwed him over bog time .

  4. Um, he doesn't look anything like Jimin or even Korean at all. He looks like his friend Frenchy from Rock of Love 😕

  5. LOL he's friends with Frenchy from Rock of Love? Where did they meet, a plastic surgery office or forum?

  6. Imagine they both meet each other and jimin being that polite biss trying to hesitate from everything he's gonna say in a nice angelic way.

  7. To be honest this is really sad, everyone in the comment is making fun of him but I pity him. He clearly has issues and if you forget the whole surgery/kpop addiction, he sounds like a very nice person 🙁

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