China High Speed Rail (CRH) BUSINESS CLASS REVIEW – Chinese Bullet Train

Train in China: Business Class Review of China Bullet Train (CRH)

China 2nd class train review:

Japan train review:

Today we are travelling in China from Nanjing to Shanghai. We took the Business Class option and review the key features. The train reached up to 300 km/h and took approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.

The Chinese high speed trains are some of the fastest trains in the world! We hope you enjoy our review!

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Amazing Train in China – Business Class 2019


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39 thoughts on “China High Speed Rail (CRH) BUSINESS CLASS REVIEW – Chinese Bullet Train

  1. I was in business class literally the other day and just got back from china about 5 hrs ago. Left China about 19 hrs ago.

    (B) = Class they were in, business class

    Did 5 trains

    1. Hong Kong ————> Nanchang (B)
    2. Nanchang ————> Shanghai (B)
    3. Shanghai ————> Wuxi
    4. Wuxi ————> Shanghai
    5. Shanghai ————> Beijing (B)

  2. Wow this is awesome! I love the high speed trains in China but I've only ever done second class. I love how there's a lounge and how spacious the cabins are – just like flying business class!

  3. You don't have to worry about security in China, because there are now more than 100 million cameras monitoring streets, stations, buses, shopping malls, subways, buildings and more. The number of cameras will exceed one billion in the next few years. These cameras are smart and use big data technology to identify you as you walk through a kilometer away.The system is networked nationwide and the bad guys will be recognized right away.

  4. An important reminder for foreign tourists: According to the relevant regulations of the state, all railway stations must provide luggage storage services. When you take the train to a location, you can leave your luggage at the train station, then go out to play, and pick up your luggage after you return. I used this method when I went to Wuzhen from Shanghai. Depart from Shanghai by high-speed train, arrive at the train station, and store your luggage at the luggage storage at the train station. It is actually a row of cabinets.
    After you register, the administrator gives you the password for the cabinet. You put your luggage in the cupboard and went out to play. When you come back for a day, open the cabinet with your password and you can take your luggage and go to other cities. The price of the stored luggage is about 5 yuan for the small cabinet and 10 yuan for the large cabinet.

  5. Great video guys. I'll be doing a couple of Chinese hi-speed journeys in the next few weeks, so I now know what to expect. Thanks for the superb coverage.

  6. Do you know why your coin test failed? Because you are on the CRH-和谐号。 This is the Old generation of the train. The coin test is for the CRH-复兴号,the new type. Some G tickets are also using the 和谐号,because we do not have enough 复兴号 yet.

  7. You guys should do coin test when the train reaches its steady speed (350km/h, if the train you took is code with G letter , the other code D letter trains reaches 250 km/h around only ). No ponint to do testing when the train was accelerating to it’s maximum speed. It would be hard while accelerating

  8. Recommend u Mount Hua (华山) or Yading(稻城亚丁) if u have time and good health conditions. These 2 places have breathtaking landscapes.

  9. Only in China has business class option. No Other county has them included US. China leaps ahead the rest of the world.

  10. No, the front table is folded, if you unfolded it, you could put your laptop on it and you even could slide it backwards or forward as you like

  11. Try the CR400 train which goes at 350km per hour. The business cabin on CR400 is great, just behind the cockpit, with a better view.

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