28 thoughts on “DarksydePhil Is My Favorite Twitch Streamer

  1. That ending doh. Only a Sith deals in absolutes. And after all didn’t DSP start grooming Panda Lee before her 18th bday. Predatory online and IRL.

  2. I'm conflicted. I want DarksydePhil to fail as a streamer/online creator colossally in the best way possible; however, I also want him still streaming because I love detractor content so much

  3. Dsp will outlive all who joke about him. Mumkey Jones, you have been marked for death, beware. Your careers downfall will be a slow one, and your name will be only spoken in whispers.

  4. When the only thing on stream you can beat on hard without complaining is your meat, I don't think you have much dignity.

  5. C'mon Mumkey you know you fucked up really badly and what you did to SheepOver is really fucked up. Like, I hate to say it but you should feel like shit, she did nothing wrong how could you go and do that shit to her and with a fucking pedo no less. What the fuck were you 'thinking'?

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