Deadmau5 Argues With This Streamer Over Tips!! | PUBG Funny Fails WTF & Best Moments


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39 thoughts on “Deadmau5 Argues With This Streamer Over Tips!! | PUBG Funny Fails WTF & Best Moments

  1. Yes servers get less then minimum wage but the reason why tips have to be tracked is because thr restuarant is recuired by law to pay them whatever the difference is if their tips plus the hourly wage dont equal minimum wage. Im sick of people who are uneducated on subjects think they known what they are talking about. Dont trust everything you hear and see on the internet

  2. Bro in America home of the two times, back to back world war champs! No server makes less than min wage. That’s dumb as fuck.

  3. Restaurants do pay waiters and waitresses less than minimum wage my wife works at a restaurant. Dead mouse sits up there in his big mansion thinking he know what working in a restaurant is like.

  4. In Louisiana….. I served for almost 10 years. All servers here make $2.13 an hour plus tips. With tips, you average out to 10+ an hour. Depending on how good you are. I like Joel, but he was wrong in some parts of his argument. He just spoke for the entire Northern America… stop playing a game for 5 mins and you can research it, then settle the argument. Really that easy.

  5. You gotta think, yes their both right in their own terms but remember the factor of that's their life by by them not getting tipped by poor customers and on top of lower pay wages

  6. Deadmau5 does not live in the real world obviously. There is a different minimum wage for tipped workers which can be as low as $2 in some places. It’s pretty bs. HELL YEAH GRIZZ he was being a dick.

  7. Let me help…
    1. service employees have a different minimum wage which is lower that everyone else's.
    2. If Twitch paid its streamers a "fair wage" they would have to control all ads and sponsors & streamers would not be the "masters of their own fate".

  8. deadmaus is missing his point on it being a corporation relying on tips to pay less than min. wage salary, and grizz is misinterpreting deadmaus's point that twitch does the same thing.. capitalism relies on this confusion mostly caused by social media to turn everyone into sociopaths that can't understand each other's points of view, they only understand their own PoV and it's sad to watch

  9. I was charged by a restaurant of 8$ gratuity fee on my card on top of original bill as it was mandatory . Its fine by me, but I should decide how much I'd tip.

    I called my bank to see if thats reversible, they told me no, which is fine and im aware of it anyways. I just dont like it when they company gets the tip instead of the person who served our food. I cant trust that.

  10. Deasmau5 is completely wrong about waiters and waitresses make at least minimum wage and is illegal if not. That's why they depend on tips.

  11. nothing new…. Deadmau5 has always been an asshole. speaking of, I thought he was perma banned from twitch for using gay slurs? he should have fucked off for good

  12. They're both right. The federal (and most state) minimum wage for tipped employees is lower than the minimum wage for non-tipped employees. And deadmau5 is right that it's illegal to pay people less than the minimum wage. See here https://www.dol.gov/whd/state/tipped.htm#foot1

  13. Deadmau5 has a point.
    I mean I've never seen an waiter saying hey TIP me or else I won't leave you out of the restaurant.
    But I have seen streamers begging for likes subs etc etc.
    If someone gives a tip to a waiter it's only to say thank you for doing that job in the form of money
    If someone donates to a streamer it's helping him pay his bills and it means the donator appreciated his work.

  14. I got $3 an hour at pizza hut and tips dude is stupid he needs to stay a dj and stay to what he knows because he don't know shit about the work force 😂

  15. How can DeadMau5 have any opinion on minimum wage and tipping. The dude is sitting on millions… he has been out of the loop for a very long time. Not hating, good on him and his success and I wish him all the best. Just don't talk shite about people far less wealthy than yourself.

  16. Deadmouse is aaaaaaiiiiiddddssssss I repeat aaaaaiiiiiiidddddsssss go back to djing and stop discussing things that matter because your ignorant view points make me wanna puke

  17. Yea the american tipping "culture" is wack… tipping is meant to be done when you want to not coz youre forced to… you dont own the waiter/waitress any cent of your money they worked there according to their will and maybe if their pay grade isnt good enough they should talk to that hotel/food court's manager for a slight raise… with that out of the way deadmaus opinion on that sense is true but the what the other guy said was true as well… running over a teammate just coz he doesnt agree with your opinions wow…. generalizing every severs as beggers then when the guy generalizes every twitch streamers as such now suddenly hes the bad guy here… wow grow a fucking pair of balls

  18. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires payment of at least the Federal minimum wage to covered, nonexempt employees. An employer of a tipped employee is only required to pay $2.13 an hour in direct wages if that amount plus the tips received equals at least the Federal minimum wage, the employee retains all tips and the employee customarily and regularly receives more than $30 a month in tips. If an employee's tips combined with the employer's direct wages of at least $2.13 an hour do not equal the Federal minimum hourly wage, the employer must make up the difference.

  19. You donate to a streamer because you enjoy what they do and want to support them.
    You tip a waiter because you just tip a waiter.

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