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This video is a response to XQCOW’s statement on Twitter that streamers don’t get much benefit from talent agencies. I wanted to make a video to break down why this an odd take. This video breaks down how the business behind talent work on Twitch usually works.

Why bother with talent agencies if you’re a Twitch streamer? Are Twitch streamers leaving money on the table? Does it even matter, or should you just follow your passion? Also, how large should you be before you look for a talent agency, if you should at all?

I need to make a few more videos about this – but this is a start.

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Editor / Videographer: Laggex

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17 thoughts on “Do Twitch Streamers Need Talent Agencies?

  1. Great talk. Yeah this seems stupid but i guess having youtube is better than not having one and earn him money. If he doesn't wanna invest any time into making youtube it's probably better than not having one. I guess that's the only +

  2. Found your channel today, watched a few of your latest, more business oriented videos like this and the Shroud one, really enjoy the insight and knowledge you bring to the community, keep it up!

  3. Unpopular opinion: how about we avoid trying turning Twitch into a shitty corporate platform where the only goal in mind is to make profits for the agencies and instead let streamers negotiate deals with editors on a more personal level?

  4. I have a deal for XQC: I'll take 100% control of his YouTube channel, then outsource the work to an editor. I'll get 90%, the editor gets 10% and XQC gets 0% of ad revenue.

  5. This video was amazing for me as a creator who streams and also uploads on multiple different channels.

    Really appreciate the transparency on this one!

  6. xQc is blind about it because he probably didn't have money problems growing up and didn't receive any education on economy. It's sad because you will never be able to help him on it because he will never care about it. Maybe he will when he stops making money but until there it may be too late.

  7. I got a bit mad when you were on the Scuffed Podcast when people were going against you about this topic.

    And yeah, Its incredibly saddening knowing how lazy streamers and other content creators are about their business(It is a business even if you're half of what XQC is), especially if you really like the creators themselves and what they're creating.

    Hoping at least a few streamers that are "big" would listen to this video and try to take advice from Nerd Fusion or Devin.

  8. Pewdiepie has talked about this a lot that for the longest time he wasnt hardly making any money on his huge channel because he wasn't monetizing well

  9. That xQc YT discussion was crazy,I was watching it live and
    I would literally quit my job right now and spend a month on my own dime learning how to edit videos to get 10% of xQc YT revenue

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