Drillpro Tungsten Carbide Blue Nano 4-Flute Endmill Set Review.

See these excellent new endmills made by Drillpro. This set is solid tunsten carbide blue nano, which are super hard wearing tools designed for all material types. Also see my new Chinese Mini Lathe compound replacement fixture which can take both the Aloris and Dixon type toolposts.
Drillpro 8Pcs Blue Naco 2-12mm 4 Flutes Carbide End Mill Set —

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13 thoughts on “Drillpro Tungsten Carbide Blue Nano 4-Flute Endmill Set Review.

  1. Steve, Excellent Video as always. There was some comment that you hadn't used the ideal milling set-up and some dispute about the composition of the end mills. I think this misses the point that you'd said you had done a lot of machining with one of the cutters and it was still like new – whatever the composition, the proof is in the life of the tool! I've bought a set of these for just over £3 each, a bargain even if they were only HSS. On the milling setup we'd all like a rigid milling machine, but for milling on a lathe you use what works within the limits of the lathe and your budget – you weren't claiming that this was the an ideal setup and I'm pretty sure you've got a large collet chuck had you chosen to use one!
    Keep the videos coming.

  2. I liked the various video angles you chose here Steve – really helped show the cut progressing. I have some of their older type without the blue naco coating, and they are also pretty good.

  3. Described on their website as ultra fine particles Tungsten Steel- with a blue NACO surface coating, from the information given, they are not solid or otherwise Carbide. The irregular blue coating may give the impression of being part carbide in construction. Look at the blue wavy junction line on each cutter- they have been dipped. Read their final website page description .

  4. Hi Steve, these are blue NACO not NANO and I don't think they are solid carbide. I recently reviewed these. They are good, but I have reservations about the tungsten/carbide
    aspect. BG do not describe them as "solid" carbide, which is different to carbide steel (a HSS derivative). Cheers Rob

  5. Two things come to mind… First, holding a carbide endmill in a chuck like that – even a four jaw – really isn’t ideal; if you have a collet chuck for that machine, I’d use that instead. Second, an endmill like that can support significantly higher speeds & feeds – if it’s in a nice rigid machine (using it in a lathe like that isn’t a very rigid setup, so for that machine you were probably going about as fast as you could – I just mention it for people with a big mill).


    Drillpro 8Pcs Blue Nano 2-12mm 4 Flutes Carbide End Mill Set — http://bit.ly/2nmldtu

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