FIFA Streamer Exposes ENTIRE NA Pro Scene for Stream Sniping

Nick – RunTheFUTMarket has dropped some serious accusations agains a lot of the NA Pro scene in FIFA 20 FUT, with a potential “dodging discord” used to manipulate matches and rankings.

Nick’s Video:
Dodging Discord and Allegations:

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10 thoughts on “FIFA Streamer Exposes ENTIRE NA Pro Scene for Stream Sniping

  1. so what your saying is that in NA is pussy children that will take any means to cheat that they can find, I already knew that

  2. Don't really care for the FIFA scene but wow this is probably the worst scandal in terms of win manipulation within esports I've heard of. This is arugably worse than those LoL win trading cases a few years back.

  3. They were stream sniping Nick so he wouldn't have enough wins to get top 100 in the world. He sometimes has to play 5 pros a weekend, while actual pros are all dodging each other. At 27 out of 30 wins, you're "verified" and can compete in qualifiers. They don't want him competing.

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